AART architects: Schooling in sustainable surroundings

AART architects and Nordic — Office of Architecture have designed the expansion of the School on Duevej with a holistic approach and focus on sustainable solutions, natural materials, and a connection to the surrounding community.

Schooling in sustainable surroundings

The School on Duevej (Skolen på Duevej) supports children in their quest for learning while at the same time obtaining a high level of sustainability. The sustainable-building standard DGNB was used to quantify the design choices and the building was the first educational building in Denmark to obtain a gold DGNB rating. The plot is in the city centre and includes a new gymnastics hall as well as classrooms.

The building is designed with natural materials, as exemplified by the facade, which is clad with durable cedarwood. Cedar was chosen because it is a sustainable material, while also offering the economic qualities of durability and low maintenance. The roof is covered by sedum plants, which retain water and add greenery to the building.

As one of the first buildings in Denmark, the school building was awarded the distinction for high architectural quality in the DGNB system: the DGNB Diamond. The school received praise for its architectural connection to the local area, its warm and inviting appearance, and the connection of the school yard to the public space in the street.

About AART architects

From AART architects' offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, they help clients all over Scandinavia develop organizations and communities with architecture as a catalyst. This is AARTs purpose, which has driven their work in architecture for more than 20 years. They continually strive to redefine the notion of architecture. It is an ambitious vision, but an essential one since architecture is too significant to be reduced to simply aesthetics, as is often the case in the public debate. Architecture as something impactful is absent, and AART want to change that – with the aim to open people's eyes to the importance of architecture in developing organizations and societies. That's what AART means when they talk about Redefining architecture™.

Over the years, it has led to a long list of award-winning projects – including Musholm in Korsør, Denmark, which has been awarded the world's most socially inclusive building by the IAUD and one of the world's most visionary sports facilities by the IOC.

AART architects has worked together with Nordic — Office of Architecture to realise the School on Duevej.

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  • 2015

    Winning proposal in project competition

  • 2017

    Project completed

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