House of Finn Juhl: Danish craftsmanship & quality

The Danish furniture manufacturer, House of Finn Juhl – Onecollection A/S, is participating in the dynamic exhibition ‘The Danish House’ curated by world-famous art gallerist Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design Week. House of Finn Juhl will be showcasing a selection of classic Finn Juhl pieces, all of which are manufactured with the utmost respect for the Danish design tradition, long-lasting craftsmanship and strict demands for quality and longevity.

Danish craftsmanship & quality

How House of Finn Juhl Secures Danish Craftsmanship & Quality

When it comes to Finn Juhl, compromising is not an option. Materials of the highest quality are the basis for creating elegant, comfortable, and durable pieces of furniture that will last for generations. House of Finn Juhl manufactures the furniture with the same values and in the same quality as it was originally intended. Without this approach it would not be possible to achieve the unique finish and details that is Finn Juhl’s trademark. At the moment, House of Finn Juhl is focusing on securing even more Danish craftsmanship and capacity.

Classic Design with Sculptural Details

Rather than thinking in terms of practical construction, Finn Juhl had the mind-set of a sculptor, when he shaped a piece of furniture. In the 1940s and 1950s, this way of working had never been seen before. His ambition was to design furniture with movement and life. Finn Juhl took pride in making both the structurally supportive elements of the furniture and the seated person look as if they are floating.

House of Finn Juhl furniture is primarily manufactured in Denmark, with some intricately shaped wooden frames from Japan. The company’s own production facility in Ringkøbing, on the West Coast of Denmark, includes an upholstery workshop and a joinery. The upholstered furniture such as the Poet Sofa and the Pelican Chair are entirely hand-sewn in the same Danish tradition as the old ones. It takes years of experience, great knowledge and last, but not least, undying patience to master.

When House of Finn Juhl produces a piece of Finn Juhl furniture compromising is not an option. This way the company ensures that each piece of furniture lives up to the goal of delivering furniture of the highest quality. On the 1st of March, House of Finn Juhl officially acquired the furniture manufacturer Schou Andersen Møbelfabrik A/S and thus secured more Danish production capacity of solid wood furniture.

Hans Henrik Sørensen, co-founder of House of Finn Juhl tells:

"In the 32 years we have been manufacturing furniture, more than 400 furniture workshops have disappeared. Many companies have outsourced their production to places with cheap labor such as Eastern Europe and China. This development, together with society's general focus on academic education, has starved the otherwise honored Danish furniture production and education of skilled craftspeople. Today, the largest part of our Finn Juhl collection is produced in Denmark with a few, selected wooden frames produced in Japan, and the acquisition of Schou Andersen is completely in line with our desire to continue to expand the Danish production. We want to ensure that the highest level of craftsmanship is also to be found in Denmark in the future.”

About House of Finn Juhl

For more than two decades the Danish furniture manufacturer Onecollection with the brand House of Finn Juhl has been trusted with the exclusive rights to bring Finn Juhl’s iconic furniture back to life. Finn Juhl’s design universe offer constant surprises in terms of shapes, aesthetics, and unique design details. Today, the collection of Finn Juhl’s furniture consists of more than 50 classic masterpieces, all of which are manufactured with the utmost respect for the original heritage and strict demands for quality. It is crucial that the details must be as fine and pure as if it came from the old cabinetmakers’ workshop, but our understanding of quality also includes durability. The furniture must be so durable that the pieces can be enjoyed by people today and by generations to come.

  • 1990

    The year that Onecollection was founded

  • 45

    Employee headcount

  • 40

    Countries operating

  • 50+

    Classic Finn Juhl pieces relaunched

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