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ISO.POETISM: From master graduate to international streetwear and altruism facilitator

January 12, 2023

ISO.POETISM™ by Tobias Birk Nielsen is built upon an honest brand identity, interpreting the complex and emotional aspects of being a modern human where self-expression becomes the unifying language. It’s an embrace of 'one can do so much, but together, we can do even more'.

From master graduate to international streetwear and altruism facilitator

The brand represents a holistic thinking where art, fashion, and poetry are carefully communicated through the items designed. With small poetic messages and captivating statements, ISO.PEOTISM garments empower individuals and serve as a reminder of the strength of collectivism and altruism, as in putting the higher purpose ahead of one’s own needs.

Regarding sustainability, having a 360-degree approach is a given. Tobias Birk Nielsen strongly connects to nature and believes that it should always be treated as a dear friend. ISO.POETISM aims for a zero-waste design approach and uses previously produced textiles and remnants of prior bulk productions for experimental, innovative design methods. This zero-waste approach also applies to the creation of runway show pieces.

Furthermore, the designer prioritises giving back to where he comes from and contributes leftover fabrics to Danish design students as well as mentors upcoming design talents.

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Tobias Birk Nielsen started the ISO.POETISM brand only a few days after graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts & Design. Since then, Tobias has designed and developed more than ten seasons and is currently selling in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The core mission for the brand is to disseminate real human emotions through captivating bits of poetry which leaves the wearer empowered to make a difference and contribute to the planet and the people on it.