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Son of a Tailor: The future of fashion waste? Nonexistent.

October 25, 2022

Son of a Tailor is on a mission to fundamentally reduce waste in the fashion industry. And they’re doing it by applying lean manufacturing principles to clothing.

The future of fashion waste? Nonexistent.

Son of a Tailor is solving fashion’s waste problem with two key ingredients. One looks to the digital future, with a machine-learning algorithm that sizes customers online using height, weight, age and shoe size. The other looks to the past and made-to-order clothing. Combined, these have the potential to solve fashion waste.

The Perfect Fit algorithm tailors each item to exact customer measurements, resulting in a perfect fit – great for customers. It also means not a single garment is produced until someone orders it. This removes 100% of inventory waste – great for the planet.

Shifting to a made-to-order model has not been easy. Jess Fleischer, CEO of Son of a Tailor, recalls: “Finding a partner to work with our minimum order quantity of one was challenging. We eventually found a factory that restructured their processes around single-garment production. That changed everything.”

The company applies lean manufacturing to get their made-to-order process to be as efficient as possible, with continuous improvement. As an example, lead times have decreased from 18 days in 2018 to 7 days in 2021.

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About Son of a Tailor

Son of a Tailor is a clothing-tech company on a mission to make fashion work better for consumers, garment workers, and the planet. For consumers, Son of a Tailor makes finding a perfect-fitting garment a breeze with an algorithm that uses your height, weight, age, and shoe size – no measuring tape required. For the planet, their made-to-order model eliminates inventory waste, and they employ technology like 3-D knitting to eliminate fabric waste. And for garment workers, Son of a Tailor is fully traceable (not just transparent). Each garment comes signed by a member of the team who made it.