Driven by

Creativity has the power to transform.

The world today needs creative solutions that start with people and create something for them: products and solutions that will make the planet habitable for future generations; architecture and urban planning that will enable the good life in growing cities; music that expresses feelings we cannot put into words; furniture that will last and make us smile; healthcare products that alleviate stigma; stories that take our breath away.

Let creativity drive

Since 2008, the Danish creative industries have doubled their growth in exports as compared to the rest of the Danish business landscape. And the potential is still huge as global demand for creative and long-lasting solutions is greater than ever.

Denmark is home to numerous powerful strongholds within the creative industries, tied together by a shared creative DNA. A unique creative fingerprint, that has accumulated through an environment of trust, equality in social structures, an incessant encouragement to question established practices and an approach that perpetually revolves around the human perspective.

From people – for people

The Danish creative approach is user-centric – and human-centric. This is what the relatable characters in H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales have in common with Danish architecture’s emphasis on letting in daylight or the user-centred innovation processes used by Danish design agencies when they work for healthcare companies.

Empathy is the starting point for the creation of holistic solutions for people. It is about focusing on user needs and emotions, to give people what they need…and going beyond that to give them what they did not yet know they needed.

Whether it is the rigorous approach to function and user studies behind world-famous Danish design or the humanistic, artistic style of Danish filmmakers, musicians and fashion designers, the Danish creative approach always puts people first.

Accessible luxury

Denmark’s creative industries cannot be separated from Danish societal values.

Rooted in a well-functioning, egalitarian society, the creative industries promote a high quality of life for all: An ambition to make high quality products and solutions for as many people as possible, not just for the select few. That means integrating form, function and storytelling to deliver well-designed products at affordable prices. And to make quality solutions accessible to the general public in order to change the world for the better.

With a creative approach, you can solve problems while adding a touch of beauty, playfulness and poetry.

Watch the video to explore how Denmark is driven by creativity.

A small creative superpower

Denmark’s creative industries are shaped by a strong international outlook, high national standards and ambitions within everything from architecture to corporate social responsibility, and a curious and investigative approach to problem-solving by creatives, companies and policymakers alike.

Danish creative professionals and industries have a track record of responsive problem-solving that addresses global challenges such as sustainability, social inclusion and the improvement of the quality of life. They have a knack for creating products and solutions that capture the imagination of people around the world.

This has gained the small country of Denmark recognition as a small creative superpower that punches above its weight across the creative disciplines from design, fashion, furniture, architecture and urban planning, to games, film, digital storytelling and music.

Collaboration for impact

Denmark is a small country with few natural resources. Since the age of the Vikings, this has required its people to work together and find solutions based on cooperation and community. And to look to the world around them for inspiration and business opportunities.

The Danish approach to creativity is based on the belief that the best idea can come from anywhere and anyone.

Complex challenges demand solutions that cut across professional disciplines. The best solutions are created in trust-based partnerships where different companies, authorities, researchers and creative professionals collaborate. Often the starting point is an understanding of users and context. This leads to solutions that challenge conventions – based on curiosity and the courage to ask, ‘what if?’’

Creative Industries

  • Architecture,

    Architects in Denmark define value in terms of buildings that enrich their surroundings, structures that consume less energy or improve health and city planning that creates platforms for communities.

  • Interior design,

    Danish interior design builds on a strong heritage of craftmanship, user focus and functionality. It is rooted in a combination of an artistic, investigative and value-based approach.

  • Communication design,

    The communication design industry in Denmark is defined by a mix of mid-size, professional agencies, and individual businesses and experts where cooperation across disciplines is the name of the game.

  • Fashion,

    Danish fashion reflects the Danish creative DNA and design heritage with its emphasis on less-is-more aesthetics combined with a sleek and playful sense of style.

  • Industrial & strategic design,

    Design works as an enabler across industries in Denmark, increasing the value, relevance and appeal of products and services through strategic and human-centred solutions.

  • Video games & XR,

    The video games and XR industry increasingly crosscuts professional disciplines, contributing to digital transformation in other industries. VR and AR technologies are poignant examples of that.

  • Music & sound,

    The music and sound industry contains independent labels and national offices of the big international record companies. Some musicians identify with Danish society, others see themselves as global citizens.

  • Film, TV & animation

    The film, TV and animation industry in Denmark is defined by flat hierarchies and a high level of trust, self-management and cooperation, allowing for smaller, more efficient production setups.