Explore the footprints of the creative industries in Denmark

Danish creativity in numbers

The creative industries are important trade and export industries for Denmark, and they leave a significant imprint in the economy. The industries employ 117,000 people full-time and with derived effects create a turnover of approx. 46.8 bil. EUR annually.

Since 2008, the creative industries have reached annual export growth of 4.2%, which almost twice as high as the rest of the industry. A large part of the turnover is generated through exports abroad, which in 2016 was just over 12.4 bil. EUR.

Socio-economic footprints

Creative solutions demonstrate significant impact on the Danish economy – both in terms of employment and economic footprints.

The circle diagrams illustrate the direct effect and the derived effect in terms of added value, revenue and corporation tax. Derived effects in other industries may be when designers, architects, or digital marketing agencies provide advice or services to other parts of the Danish business industry, thereby contributing to growth.

The derived effects are calculated by Damvad Analytics.

*The derived effects indicate how activity in the creative industries creates input and gives rise to activity in other professions and industries.

Domestic sales and export

The graph illustrates revenue (domestic sales and exports) calculated in bil. EUR in the creative industries, 2016.

The graph only shows direct effect and does not reflect the value that creative industries provide to other industries.


Growth plan for the creative industries, Ministry for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, 2019

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  • 77%

    of international turnover created by Danish architects is generated in Europe

  • 23%

    of employees within the Danish Design ecosystem is constituted of visual and graphic designers

  • 75%

    of Danish design professionals hold a formal design education

  • 200

    games are developed each year by Danish game developers, ranging from huge AAA titles to small mobile app experiments

  • 60%

    of all XR content in 2018 was made with the Danish game engine Unity

  • 2%

    of the collective Danish labour force are design professionals

  • 4th

    largest export industry in Denmark is fashion, when including footwear