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Applied XR, animation & gamification

XR (extended reality), animation and gamification are definitely entertaining. But more than that, when applied as practical solutions they support concrete business strategy and hardcore KPIs. Applied digital visual technologies create real impact across sectors, worldwide.

Danish digital frontrunners are experts in getting messages across. They create virtual simulation solutions that increase productivity in work processes and induction training, learning situations and promotion efforts. They empower patients to manage their health issues, and they challenge worldviews and inspire their audience to take action on smaller and larger scales.

One of the most cross-sector relevant breakthrough technologies. Interactive solutions already have a massive impact across sectors, and this only grew during the Covid pandemic. These technologies are radically optimizing processes and outputs in other sectors such as the design, museums, events, fashion, health, communications, education, and architecture.

The unique Danish creative DNA. Danish digital creatives have a special flair for minimalist aesthetics and impressice functionality resulting in strong solutions with a clear message – leaving out all unnecessary glam and noise, allowing the user to immerse themselves completely in the experience.

There is almost no limit to the amount of different use cases for applied digital visual technologies. This short animation showcases some of the most relevant potentials within industry, business, education, health, communication and more.

We cultivate future professionals from a perspective of believing in talent and balancing individual work with teamwork and collaboration.

Kasper Kruse, Head of The Animation Workshop
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The genius is in the detail

Due to its high levels of free and accessible education, ambitious talent development structures, and political and financial support for research and development into new technology areas, Denmark is at the top of the class with some of the most digitally innovative countries in the world.

Be it utilizing gamification and animation to support learning goals or employing XR to further global agendas and company objectives, applied digital visual technologies from Denmark just look and feel different. Here, the industries are defined by flat hierarchies and a high level of trust, self-management and cooperation, allowing for smaller and more agile production setups by highly talented individuals from some of the world's leading educational institutions.

For example, The Animation 4Workshop in Viborg is currently ranked the 4th best education outside of the US by Animation Career Review.

It truly is not uncommon when you ask digital developers from Denmark what their ambition is, to get the answer: "Help change the world for the better". This mindset might sound naive, but this ever global outlook paired with very hands-on, practical approaches help these creative frontrunners do just that.

Khora utilizes creativity in all processes and solutions across a variety of industries to uncover the true value potential of virtual and augmented reality.

Check out Khora's 360 degrees VR Space Safari for Ørsted here
and their Heka VR software to fighting mental disorders here.

Meet Khora here.

Serious Games Interactive set out to change the world. After winning several awards and disrupting international political educational agendas, their focus is now on optimizing educational impact through dilemma based learning.

Meet Serious Games Interactive here.

Danish digital storytellers and developers want to inspire emotions, challenge worldviews, and motivate us to action.

Jan Neiiendam, CEO at Vision Denmark
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Sun Creature was founded at the creative office community “Arsenalet” in Viborg in 2016. Their mission is to creates bold, impactful worlds and compelling tales that make for memorable and long-lasting impressions. Clients include: Netflix, Riot Games, Amazon Studios and Coca Cola.

Sun Creature firmly believe in the wonders of animation and storytelling.

Explore Sun Creature here.

Sun Creature produces animation content for both film, games, TV, and commercials. With a talented team, the company has animated several award-winning projects including the Oscar nominated animated documentary 'Flee'.

SynergyXR is a powerful B2B, SaaS platform that lets companies build their own Corporate Metaverse to communicate, collaborate, and learn via XR without anyone having to be a tech wiz.

Designed to work across the entire production value chain supporting everything from planning a new production facility, training workers, or servicing machines in remote locations, every company and employee will feel like SynergyXR was designed just for them.

Explore SynergyXR here.

Customers of SynergyXR include Grundfos that uses the platform to onboard and teach employees from around the world about the magical journey of how water flows from the ground to the house.

‘Human Impact’ is our strategic long-term commitment to increase climate-consciousness in the animation industry and develop targeted climate-relevant communication.

Kasper Kruse, Head of The Animation Workshop
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At the core of Peasoup's mission they want to motivate children and young adults to read more. They enhance reading experiences by using elements from game design, 3D and augmented reality to create stories for the 9-12 year olds. Here, the reader is the hero of the story, and the reader's choices shape the events throughout the reading experience.

Explore Peasoup here.

Peasoup's smart books combines the physical book with an app game to enhance motivated reading and higher reading comprehension.

Working closely with nurses in hospitals and dental health experts in clinics, Doktor Universe has created a set of solutions using augmented reality and computer vision to improve patients' experience before and during procedures.

Their focus is children from the ages of 0 to 5 years that need help to cope with pain and anxiety. Doktor Universe achieves this by communicating with and entertaining the children on their level via digital concepts based on real-life situations at the hospital or the dentist.

Doktor Universe’s solutions are nominated as the Most Innovative Solution in the public sector in Denmark in 2021.

Explore Doktor Universe here.

The new generation of Danish digital creators work intuitively with formats that are easily accessible to the audience. Their attention towards democratic values, social responsibility and environmental agendas also marks the stories made for entertainment urging audiences to explore complex themes and put themselves in the shoes of others’.

Jan Neiiendam, CEO at Vision Denmark
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Cadpeople are visual, digital storytellers on a mission to push boundaries and help clients towards a greener future by simplifying and digitizing both their marketing and learning.

Cadpeople's Advanced Training Simulator offers a flexible training set-up where clients maintain a high level of competence in all aspects of the production, transport, and assembly of e.g., wind turbines – while at the same time supporting corporate social responsibility agendas within safety and environment.

This digital solution can simulate and mimic any actual defect a technician might encounter in the field.

Explore Cadpeople here.

Rokoko’s vision is to give all creative teams access to quick, non-intrusive, and intuitive animation tools. With their Smartsuit Pro, creators can make 3D character animation all around the globe.

Explore Rokoko here.

Rokoko's range of products are making professional 3D character animation accessible to one-man armies of indie creators as well as some of the biggest animation production companies in the world, including Netflix, Sony, Microsoft and Disney.

Game Hub Denmark is a non-profit incubator that teaches, develops, and supports digital game startups to help founders build sustainable and successful companies. By providing support and resources to startups, Game Hub Denmark enables a national and international network within the industry. Covering all of Denmark, the incubator meets startup and company founders at eye-level and gives them solid support to navigate how to run a business, develop games as products, and to stay motivated in the process.

Explore Game Hub Denmark here.

Game Hub Denmark is the complete ecosystem of game education, innovation and incubation in Denmark. They collaborate and innovate with some of the most important players in the gaming industry with the goal of being the lead supplier of game developers, game companies and game productions in Denmark.

Game Hub Denmark turns raw talent into professional game developers.

We encourage and facilitate game jams where our developers, designers and animators get free time away from the usual grind to explore ideas.

Mathias Gredal Nørvig, CEO SYBO Games
Learn how SYBO Games developed the most downloaded game of the decade

RIG21 develops virtual production in film, animation, and everything in between. Using real-time technology, their ambition is to create and facilitate film production faster, more creatively, cheaper and in a far more sustainable way than what is being done today. Virtual production allows for a more efficient recording period compared to normal productions, since most decisions can be made already in pre-production with the help of 3D estimates of set building, camera sequences and more.

Explore RIG21 here.

RIG21's multi-platform story universe ‘Rebel Nature’ focuses on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, mankind's relationship with nature, and the challenges and opportunities the planet is facing. ‘Rebel Nature’ takes the user on an epic adventure on planet Earth to discover human’s untold future and to redefine what it will mean to be human in the 2040s.