Issue No.


Finding new sustainable aesthetics

Finding ways to work with green materials and bring forward their aesthetic qualities is paramount for the transition to more sustainable products. This month’s Focus presents examples of Danish interior design, fashion, and architecture that have successfully integrated green solutions and sustainable work methods to reach new aesthetics standards.

Roccamore, Schmidt Hammer Lassen & Ege Carpets
Edited by
Sine Frejstrup

Showcase the unique features

With creative and innovative thinking, Danish designers demonstrate that sustainable design can be both functional and luxurious. By exploring the features of bio-degradable materials, recycled fibres and circular building materials, they present new office spaces, fashion collections and event platforms that showcase the unique quality of the materials.

For the transition to more sustainable productions, the aesthetic qualities have to follow along. If sustainability only comes to be seen as a disturbance, an extra cost or a barrier to business and human fulfilment, we will not come far. If we want to rethink most of what we do to make it more sustainable, we need creativity.

Explore a selection of creative cases that showcase sustainable solutions, creative thinking and new ideas within interior design, architecture and fashion.

The Mary Rey shoes are Roccamore's first bio-degradable pair of high heels.

Ege Carpets use regenerated waste from discarded fishing nets to create new carpets.