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Healthy and sustainable architecture

Architecture forms the way we live together. With this Focus, we shed light on how sustainable and creative thinking can shape healthy buildings as a framework for modern life. The collection of innovative cases, inspiring talks, white paper contributions, and a new exhibition showcases how building designs can integrate sustainable solutions to create better health conditions and improve the quality of life for the inhabitants.

Learning in healthy environments. Smart technology can create buildings that operate in the best possible way and provide children with a better learning environment.

Controlling the indoor climate. One of the drivers for our well-being is the sense of ability to micro-control the indoor environment.

Shaping how we live together

Imagine a future where every design element of a building has your comfort and well-being as a goal – while ensuring overall sustainable methods and materials. We put forward this Focus on healthy, sustainable architecture as the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia is opening with the critical theme 'How will we live together?'. The festival has called on architects worldwide to imagine new spaces for co-existence and inhabitation, looking at both the cityscape and the households of the future.

The Danish contribution, commissioned by the Danish Architecture Center, skilfully demonstrates how architecture can reconnect us with the Earth's elements and presenting an imperative for more sustainable solutions in the future.

This holistic approach to architecture is exemplary for Danish architects and their ability for coming up with building designs where purpose, aesthetics, and sustainability go hand-in-hand. As architects, they define value in terms of buildings that enrich their surroundings, structures that consume less energy and improve health.

In line with this approach, BLOXHUB has in a series of talks and debates during this spring investigated how healthy building design can improve well-being. Through cross-disciplinary collaborations on acoustic solutions, indoor climate and well-designed lighting, we can create healthier environments that can enhance the quality of life for the many and not only the few.

All this – and much more – you can explore through this first edition of our Focus magazine. We hope you will enjoy it.

Improving health. What if we put the users' health in the center of a sustainable architecture? Watch our animation on creative solutions to what that could look like.

Healthy lights activated. LYS Technologies is helping people live healthier by bridging the gap between personal health and lighting. Explore the light technology case.

Warm, welcoming places. With elegant aesthetic in their lightly textured, surfaces, Rockfon’s acoustic, stone wool ceiling panels adds shadow and dimension to the interior design. Explore the case on Rockfon.

Intelligent solutions. AirBird® quickly detects poor indoor air quality and helps occupants of a room to take necessary action, like the canary in the mine. Read more about AirBird.

Acoustic design for well-being. The acoustic panels and textiles by Kvadrat contribute to the creation of a healthy, productive environment. Explore the case.

How will we live together? The Danish Center for Architecture has commissioned a sensory respond to the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

Reconnecting with the elements

Through an artistic cyclic water system, the Danish Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia invites visitors to explore their connection to each other and nature. The exhibition, commissioned by the Danish Center for Architecture and created by the curator Marianne Krogh and architects Lundgaard & Tranberg, offers a sensory space focused on water as a phenomenon.

“The Biennale’s overriding theme, ‘How will we live together?’ has inspired us to focus on the concept of ‘connectedness’. Taking water as the physical element that connects all life on Earth as our point of departure, we’re creating a spatial architectural exhibition where water is experienced in tamed, processed and boundless states," says curator Marianne Krogh, ph.d. from Aarhus School of Architecture.

Explore the full concept for the Danish pavilion at Danish Center for Architecture.

Connectedness. A cyclic water system connects visitors, senses, and surroundings at the Danish Pavilion. Video: Hampus Berndtson

Earth's elements. The exhibition emphasises how architecture can evoke a sense of connection between people and the Earth’s elements.

Let's Talk Architecture podcast. Lene Tranberg and Erik Frandsen from Lundgaard & Tranberg talk about their installation and how it changed the conversation at the studio.

Debating healthy buildings. In the series of debates and talks, 'Healthy buildings - high performance - happy hearts and minds' BLOXHUB invites expert to discuss ways to achieve healthy buildings. Photo: BLOXHUB

Healthy buildings and indoor climate

Indoor climates have a significant impact on our health and cognitive functions. Study after study shows that well-being and performance improves dramatically with higher rates of ventilation, optimal humidity, lighting, noise control and well-designed spaces.

In a series of debates and talks called 'Healthy buildings - high performance - happy hearts and minds', our collaboration partners at BLOXHUB have explored different aspect of indoor climate and how we can prioritize the most important asset of any building: its people.

View below the talk on lighting, the debate on acoustics, or explore the full catalogue of videos at BLOXHUB.

Improving acoustics. How do we get better acoustics in architecture? Cross-disciplinary collaboration is pivotal when it comes to improving acoustics in architecture, according to this BLOXHUB Debate.

Developing universal design. Watch BLOXHUB's Science Talk on universal design for more usable, liveable and healthy buildings.

Learning in sustainable surroundings. The school on Duevej is the first educational building in Denmark to obtain a gold DGNB rating for sustainability. Explore the school by AART architects and Nordic.

Scalable climate solutions. The Climate Tile offer a sustainable water management system that absorbs rainfall and can help adapt dense cities to the impacts of climate change. Read more about the climate solution by THIRD NATURE.

White paper

Beyond buildings

Explore more Danish cases on healthy buildings, sustainable architecture, and innovative partnerships in our white paper 'Beyond buildings'. The publication features insights from both Danish and international capacities within architecture and city planning illustrated by creative solutions.

Explore white paper

Watch the 'Beyond buildings' white paper launch. With opening remarks by the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affair, Simon Kollerup, keynotes by Senior Vice President Janet Joseph from NYSERDA, and Chairman Kim Rahbek at Business Lolland-Falster, and a panel discussion on sustainable cities in the shadow of covid-19.