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Sustainability by design

In the Danish fashion industry, we are driven by finding smarter ways to create fashion that is good for people, planet and business. And we are eager to do business and collaborations with partners who are driven by the same passion. With this Focus, we highlight the Danish fashion industry and the values it is driven by. Through a collection of innovative cases, interviews, video portraits of creative frontrunners, and our new white paper, we showcase how we can improve business models and create systematic industry change.

Images: James Cochrane, CPHFW, Designers Remix, Tine Bek

“We have decided to merge the role of responsibility director with the role of production director,” say Silas Adler & Jacob Kampp Berliner, Soulland.

“We always have in mind, when we design, that it should be wearable,” explain Rikke Baumgarten & Helle Hestehave, Baum und Pferdgarten.

What are you driven by?

With a global fashion industry that strains the planets resources and the livelihood of its people, the world needs smarter fashion. Fashion that is functional. Timeless. Crafted to last from quality materials. And responsibly produced.

In the Danish fashion industry, we are driven by finding smarter ways to create fashion that is good for people, planet and business. And we are eager to do business with partners who are driven by the same passion.

Here, you can meet some of the leading creators of Danish fashion, learn about their values, be inspired by the solutions in the new white paper 'Sustainability by design' and connect with the Danish fashion industry.

We hope to leave you inspired!

What does Danish fashion have to offer? Get to know some of the leading Danish fashion brands and see how they approach design, quality & craft and sustainability.

What makes Danish design stand out? Learn more about the Danish take on multi-purpose functionality, wearability, timelessness and the Scandi heritage.

"Instead of starting with the design, we start with the natural material," says Maria Glæsel, Aiayu.

Meet the creative frontrunner Henrik Vibskov. In our video portrait, Vibskov talks about the importance of right material choices, supporting young talent and how the industry has developed since his starting days.

Fashion designer and creative soul. Come inside the studio of Henrik Vibskov.

Craftsmanship means education, cleverness and traditions mixed with new science and technology.

Henrik Vibskov

"There is a new blooming future out there," says Henrik Vibskov.

Meet the creative frontrunners from A. Roege Hove. Amalie Hove talks to Amelia Høy about craftsmanship, slow fashion and the innovative knitting techniques used in her designs.

Driven by design. At the young, innovate knitwear brand A. Roege Hove all designs are knitted.

In Scandinavia we have a heritage of great craftsmanship. This is something very close to my heart, as we really try to challenge the traditions with a modern and artistic approach.

Amalie Roege Hove, A. Roege Hove

Meet the creative frontrunner Mark Kenly Domino Tan. Mark talks to Amelia Høy about tailoring, craftsmanship and the importance of materials and quality.

A background in tailoring. The training gives Mark Kenly Domino Tan a different approach to creating clothes.

What you see is what you get. We value an honest and respectful approach to the fabric. Just as the principles of the Danish furniture design tradition.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan

"We would like our clients to treasure their best-loved pieces for a long time, so we are encouraging them to rediscover their wardrobe and take care of their items, whether sending them in to either refresh, repair or renew. Our mission is to have them repair their favourite items instead of replacing them," says Mark Kenly Domino Tan

What's the connection between quality and design? Learn more about the Danish approach to materials, responsible production, long lasting quality and the importance of craftsmanship.

Checking material quality. More and more focus is put on the quality and responsible production of materials.

"I think it’s important to give everyone a slice of what we believe is great quality," explains Sille Eyser Overgaard, Gestuz

How does fashion become more responsible? Learn more about the Danish way of sourcing materials, choosing production partners and designing for circularity.

"Danish design is really well-positioned to work with sustainability," states Anna Bernstein, Aiayu.

"Working in this industry, we are obligated to think in new ways of creating clothes," say Simon & Nanna Wick, (di)vision.

Smart material choices. Organic cotton field in Turkey. Credit: Organic Basics

Meet the creative frontrunner Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup. In our video portrait with GANNI founders Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup, we dive into how the fashion company approaches more transparency and responsibility.

Scandi Style 2.0. GANNI's collections are full of contrasts and personality. Read the full case on the fashion company.

I think you’ve really got to put it out there that you want to do better and be open - even when you get things wrong. It would be so easy for a brand to just launch a capsule responsible collection and call it a day, but for us it is about putting out our goals, achievements and our wrong turns to keep us on track.

Ditte Reffstrup, GANNI

"We are so happy that our latest collection uses 70+ certified organic or recycled materials. But we want to keep looking forward and do better. We want to launch a collection with 100% responsible materials in the near future," say Ditte & Nicolaj Reffstrup, GANNI.

White Paper

How do we become sustainable by design?

Read our new white paper and learn more about the Danish approach to sustainability. Explore cases, update yourself on the latest trends and see how sustainable fashion can also be good for business.

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