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Danish fashion is a strong standard-bearer for the Danish creative DNA. It takes a human-centred approach and designs for the way most people actually live their lives: working many hours, having an active lifestyle, going to a meeting and then going out on the town. Recently, external observers have begun talking about Copenhagen as the world capital of sustainable fashion.

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With this Focus, we shed light on how sustainable and creative thinking can shape healthy buildings as a framework for modern life.

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Industry contacts

  • Danish Fashion & Textile

    Danish Fashion & Textile is the industry and employers’ association for Danish textile and clothing companies. Its main task is to support the Danish fashion and textile industries at home and abroad.
  • WEAR

    WEAR is a trade association for fashion and textile companies in Denmark. In cooperation with Danish Chamber of Commerce, they aim to promote cohesion within the industry and in all respects to serve the members' business interests.
  • Lifestyle & Design Cluster

    Lifestyle & Design Cluster (LDC) is a non-profit organisation supporting innovation and sustainable growth primarily in the small and medium-sized design, furniture and clothing companies.