New European Bauhaus: How do we design the irresistible circular society?

A broad circle of stakeholders in the built environment have joined forces to develop, qualify and concretise a comprehensive Danish-led bid for a New European Bauhaus. Creative Denmark is proud to be part of the steering committee.

In January 2021, the Confederation of Danish Industry and BLOX initiated a feasibility study to reach out to the Danish ecosystem and create an over-all narrative. In the first phase, they engaged 150 people and 75 companies through a one-to-one dialogue and two joint workshops. They created an overall mission that reads: “Designing the irresistible circular society.”

The second phase has included further involvement of interdisciplinary stakeholders across two high-level roundtables, three project workshops, an international co-design workshop and a youth involvement event. So far, more than 300 people across Europe have been involved in the Danish-led bid.

Through this unique and inclusive bottom-up approach, the partners wish to initiate a behavioural change. A change they believe is durable because they have, throughout the process, engaged with people across different ages, professions, industries, and country borders. This democratic and non-elitist approach helps secure that the change initiated does in fact reflect the wishes of the European population.

Read more about the Danish-led bid for New European Bauhaus at our partners at BLOXHUB and Danish Design Centre.

I want NextGenerationEU to kickstart a European renovation wave and make our Union a leader in the circular economy. But this is not just an environmental or economic project: it needs to be a new cultural project for Europe.

Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Learn more about the Danish-led bid for New European Bauhaus. In this video, the Danish joined forces present our mission: Designing the irresistible circular society. Video by Lissalde Studio.

New white paper

As part of shared initiatives with the Danish Design Center, BLOXHUB and Danish Architecture Center this autumn, we present the white paper Designing the irresistible circular society. The publication offers concrete solutions for the ambition of making circularity an attractive alternative that can give the circular economy real momentum.

Based on the three overarching themes from the Danish bid for “New European Bauhaus - Designing the circular society”, the white paper presents insights and solutions within:

  • Resource loops and zero waste
  • City(nature), resilience and biodiversity
  • Social values and communities

The publication features academic researchers, directors, and leading voices within circularity, and it showcases Danish design solutions, buildings, production methods, processes, and circular business models. The aim is to bring forward new perspectives on the circular transition, explore the power of design, and shares creative solutions for a circular future.

Read the white paper