Innovation should be about human needs. The Danish tradition for human-centred creativity is vital for developing impactful design, intelligent business models, optimisation of products and meaningful experiences.

Let creativity drive innovation

The world needs innovation that puts human needs front and centre. New, beautiful products, intelligent business models, sustainable solutions, optimisation of products and processes, meaningful experiences.

Creativity is a key factor in innovation. And the Danish tradition for human-centred creativity is more important than ever. A creative mindset is needed to build bridges between technology and people.

For the last ten years the need for ‘STEM’ skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) has dominated professional discourse. Now we’re hearing more talk about ‘STEAM’ skills – from research reports, the World Economic Forum and the UN General Assembly. Adding an A for ‘Arts’ acknowledges that the hard sciences are necessary, but not sufficient.

Creativity as enabler

Humans crave something out of the ordinary, something new. We need aesthetics and experiences and user focus to create successful innovation.

Creative Denmark represents all of the creative industries in Denmark. We also represent all the industries that work with creativity as an integral part of their products, service offerings, and workflows. And we represent a public sector that has a tradition as a progressive buyer of new solutions. In that way, Creative Denmark is a hub for everyone who views creativity as a key enabler across business categories. In Denmark and abroad.

In Denmark, there is a strong tradition for employing creative thinking and professions to spark innovation. From service design in the public sector to creating circular product lifecycles to a range of new and better products, the Danish creative industries and professionals remain focused on innovation based on human needs, quality, playfulness and cooperation.

Let us start a conversation about human-centred creativity as an approach to innovation.

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