As businesses and governments struggle to handle more and more complex issues, the need for partnerships and cooperation across disciplines is greater than ever.

Let creativity drive partnerships

As a small country, Denmark can’t get by without cooperation across sectors and disciplines.

Based on trust and with an approach that focuses on the quality of the idea rather than formal hierarchy, the Danish working culture and problem-solving approach is about finding innovative ways to get the job done.

Be it city planning, the creation of new forms of VR-mediated therapy, reducing the carbon footprint of fashion, or creating new opportunities for up-and-coming musicians, ideas are created in partnerships: public-private partnerships, associations and business alliances abound. Not just within the Danish creative industries, but in the country as a whole.

Denmark has a knack for collaboration and partnerships, and this is evident when it comes to international projects and cooperation too. Users are involved more. Professions work together better. Communication flows more easily.

Creative Denmark is a public-private partnership. And we are all about building relationships. We can connect the Danish creative industries with international businesses and governments, showcase partnership and collaboration projects and create new platforms for cooperation and partnerships.

Let us start a conversation on how we can use creativity to change the way we think about partnerships.

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