As the world population grows and livelihoods improve, more people turn their attention from simply getting by to aiming for a higher quality of life. And when it comes to living well, Denmark is recognised globally as a source of inspiration.

Let creativity drive quality of life

Year after year, the Danes rank in the top 3 of the UN’s World Happiness Report. Copenhagen has been named the World’s ‘Most Liveable City’ several times by Monocle magazine. A part of the explanation for these results stems from the role creative solutions play in Danish society.

When in Denmark, you will notice how almost everything is designed with beauty and clever functionality. Good design, great architecture, and access to quality furniture or the arts is not reserved for wealthy individuals or corporations. Everyone – from small children in kindergarten to patients in hospitals – can benefit from solutions, objects and systems that are beautiful, well thought-out, and designed for ease of use.

Are Danish creativity and quality of life concepts transferrable to other countries, or are they only achievable for a small exotic group of Scandinavians?

In fact, there is a strong international outlook among Danish architects, fashion brands, furniture brands, and industrial products within everything from healthcare devices to playground equipment, design professionals, tv series, gaming apps, and musicians. In that way, the Danish market often functions as a toolbox and a testing environment for new solutions that can be adapted for the global market.

You can get a bite of the Danish Quality of Life and adapt it to your local setting. Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales are standard on the school curriculum in China. Danish furniture classics can be found in homes, corporate headquarters, and cultural institutions all over the world. LEGO is popular among children everywhere.. Copenhagen-style bike paths are being constructed in more and more cities across the globe, and Google’s new headquarters in California and London were designed by Danish architects.

Danish creative solutions are ingenious and meant to be shared, like fashion that will do for both a bike ride and a board meeting. Architecture that gives back to its surroundings and makes cities more liveable. Medical devices that let patients live a more pleasant life and avoid stigmatisation. Design processes involve users and result in human-centred products.

The Danish approach to creativity is about listening to and then delivering something for the people who will use the product, building or solution. It is about insisting on your values and letting them define the way you approach new technologies and challenges.

Let us start a conversation about quality of life and how we can use creativity to improve it together.

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