Creative Denmark is your gateway to innovative and creative competencies, solutions, products, and processes.

Who we are

Creative Denmark is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership that creates awareness about Danish creative strongholds internationally and the potential of Danish creativity in solving global challenges.


We work to match international demand for creative innovation and human-centred solutions with the vast competencies in the Danish creative industries.


Creative Denmark is funded by public and private partners that count the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Ministry of Culture, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, and the philanthropic association Realdania.


Creative Denmark is located in the BLOX building in Copenhagen and is part of the BLOX ecosystem together with Danish Design Center, Danish Architecture Center, and BLOXHUB. As a national and international epicenter, BLOX engages people in sustainable design, architecture, and urban planning. An engagement driven through collaborations, cross-sector learning, events, exhibitions, and business development.

Our vision

We envision a world where people and the planet thrive – and where creative thinking and solutions support ways of life that are both sustainable and enjoyable.

To succeed in the sustainable transition, we must rethink the way resources are used and make product lifecycles longer by designing a society based on circularity. To achieve this, we need creative solutions that are desirable and irresistible.

We believe creativity can push global agendas and that Danish creative solutions have the potential to drive sustainability and quality of life, creating value for people, businesses, and society, while respecting the planetary boundaries.

What we do

Creative Denmark assists international stakeholders and decision makers in exploring solutions, products, and competencies within the Danish creative industries.

In the Danish creative industries, we focus on architecture, interior design, communication design, fashion, industrial & strategic design, digital games & XR, music & sound, film, TV & animation, and other industries that use creativity as an enabler in their solutions and work processes.

We assist international stakeholders and decision-makers in fostering connections by matching international demand for innovative and creative solutions with Danish creative companies and competencies and welcome international delegations to our visitor centre, House of Creative Denmark, to gain inspiration from the Danish creative industries.

We support the unlocking of the creative industries’ enormous potential by creating an international branding platform that strengthens the visibility of Danish solutions and competencies internationally. You will see great examples of this when browsing the best creative cases or the House of Creative Denmark visitor centre.  

Through our efforts, we strive to raise awareness about the transformative potential of Danish creativity as a driver for sustainability and increased quality of life.

The creative potential

Creativity can push us forward, respond to societal challenges, and take us to new heights shaping a better and more sustainable future. It can drive transformation, collaborations, processes, and optimisations that increase quality of life.

With the export revenue for the Danish creative industries having doubled since 2013 we see an increasing international demand for Danish innovative and responsive problem-solving solutions across sectors, such as clean- and healthtech, digitalisation, life-science and healthcare.

Denmark is a credible, responsible, and playful testbed for innovative processes and ambitious technologies. It is home to an array of powerful strongholds, all tied together through societal trust, equality in social structures, encouragement to improve established practices, and a methodology that insists on respecting the human perspective and experience.

Durable functionality, accessible quality, high aesthetics, and sensemaking pragmatism are shared values across the Danish creative industries – all characterised by a human-centred approach to solving real challenges for individuals, society, and generations.

Danish creatives collaborate across sectors and contribute to meaningful partnerships that create value for humans, businesses, and planet. Their creative solutions, products, and approaches has the potential to drive sustainability and increase quality of life.

Board of directors
Mette Kynne Frandsen
Chairwoman of the board, CEO, Henning Larsen Architects
Anders Thusgaard
Director of Business Policy, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs
Nina Kovsted Helk
Chief Philantrophy Officer, Realdania
Casper Klynge
Vice President, The Danish Chamber of Commerce
David Schjerlund
Global Director - Export, Innovation & Global Public Affairs - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Henriette Søltoft
Senior director, Confederation of Danish Industry
Torsten Andersen
Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture