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Architecting impact

Architecture is an integral reason why the people of Scandinavia rank among the happiest in the world. Danish architects build liveable, high-quality surroundings for everyone. Their designs solve societal challenges, create sustainable solutions, and deliver impact around the globe.  

Functional, playful craftsmanship

As an industry, Danish interior design stands on the shoulders of giants. The ‘Danish Modern’ and ‘Danish Design’ concepts are world-famous for their craftsmanship, timelessness, quality, functionality, and not least design for human needs. These ideals are finding new relevance today as a focus on sustainability and circularity motivates both designers and consumers.

Employ feelings to move minds

Communication design – encompassing advertising, branding, graphic design, typography design, packaging, and digital design – is one of the dominant design disciplines in Denmark by the number of employees and professionals. Developing brand loyalty, market share, employee satisfaction, and human behaviour through communication demands creative solutions.

Accessible luxury & haute sustainability

Danish fashion is human-centred and designs for the way most people actually live: working long hours, being active outside, and going to meetings and social gatherings. Copenhagen is often considered the world capital of sustainable fashion.

Human-centred innovation

Design is an unparalleled, human-centred approach to innovation. It is about creating meaningful, relevant, and profitable products and services. Used in this way, design thinking is a tool to reach strategic goals - and it is central to what Danish design means today.

Digital craftsmanship

The video games & XR industry is on a rapid growth trajectory. In Denmark, the creative environment has a ‘born international’ approach in both hiring and sales. And the working culture is defined by a high level of trust and self-management. Combined with playful workplaces and work-life balance, this has attracted many international talents to the Danish video games industry.  

New Nordic sounds across boundaries

Danish musicians are indeed individual artists, but outside observers will notice a certain Nordic DNA in sound and songwriting and acknowledge how Danish artists, producers, and songwriters succeed in building partnerships and establishing collaborations with some of the most acclaimed international artists.

From small scene to global screen

As a small nation in the global film, TV, and animation business, the Danish industry has always had to find its own way, resulting in a unique Danish style. That style has received international acclaim and demand for Danish directors, actors, films, TV shows, and animation talent.

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