Creative Denmark fosters relations between international stakeholders and Danish solutions, products and competencies across the creative industries.

Who we are

Creative Denmark is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership that creates awareness about Danish creative strongholds internationally.

We support the unlocking of the creative industries’ enormous potential by creating an international branding platform that strengthens the visibility of Danish solutions and competencies internationally.

Creative Denmark is founded by a strong group of public and private partners that count the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and Realdania.

Our mission

Creative Denmark aims to strengthen the international branding and visibility of Danish creative competencies and solutions.

What we do

We foster relations between international stakeholders and Danish products and skills, both within specific industry sectors and across the whole creative industries, to support global growth and exports of Danish solutions and competences.

We take our point of departure in the Danish creative industries at large, including architecture, interior design, communication design, fashion, industrial & strategic design, video games & XR, music, film, TV & animation and other industries that use creativity as an enabler in their solutions and work processes.

Working closely with key partners from across the Danish creative industries, Creative Denmark has both the ability and credibility to support and connect Denmark’s creative industries internationally.

The creative potential

Since 2008, the Danish creative industries have doubled their growth in exports as compared to the rest of the Danish business landscape. And the potential is still huge as global demand for creative and long-lasting solutions is greater than ever!

Denmark is home to numerous powerful strongholds within the creative industries, tied together by a shared creative DNA. A unique creative fingerprint, that has accumulated through an environment of trust, equality in social structures, an incessant encouragement to question established practices and an approach that perpetually revolves around the human perspective.

Our strength lies in our ability to collaborate across different sectors and to form meaningful partnerships that create value across the value chain without losing sight of the ultimate objective – raising quality of life for society at large.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a co-founder of Creative Denmark. Creative Denmark is initiated to create awareness about the strengths of the creative industries and fulfil its potential for growth and export internationally. I am thrilled that Creative Denmark is bringing focus to creative industries

Brian Mikkelsen, CEO, The Danish Chamber of Commerce


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Board members

  • Mette Kynne Frandsen

    Chairwoman of the board, CEO, Henning Larsen Architects

  • Anders Thusgaard

    Director of Business Policy, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

  • Ulrik Eversbusch

    Head of Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Søren Lund

    Head of Department, Ministry of Culture

  • Thomas Bustrup

    International Director and COO, Confederation of Danish Industry

  • Betina Hagerup

    Director of Markets, Danish Chamber of Commerce

  • Nina Kovsted Helk

    Chief Philantrophy Officer, Realdania

Advisory board

  • Torben Klitgaard


  • Kent Martinussen


  • Lene Espersen


  • Christian Bason


  • Tawa Adetunji

    Functional Manager

  • Annette Est


  • Abelone Varming


  • Thomas Klausen


  • Niels Mosumgaard


  • Tine Aurvig-Huggenberger


  • Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning

    CEO, Creative Business Cup

  • Betina Simonsen


  • Martine Gram Barbry

    Head of Trade, New York, USA

  • Andreas Blohm Graversen

    Head of Department

  • Niels Mosumgaard


  • Thomas Rohde


  • Simon Kofod-Svendsen

    Project Manager

  • Didde Rishøj

    Chief Consultant

  • Jan Neiiendam


  • Nikolai Klausen