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Quality of life

Creative Industries

  • Architecture,

    Architects in Denmark define value in terms of buildings that enrich their surroundings, structures that consume less energy or improve health and city planning that creates platforms for communities.

  • Interior design,

    Danish interior design builds on a strong heritage of craftmanship, user focus and functionality. It is rooted in a combination of an artistic, investigative and value-based approach.

  • Communication design,

    The communication design industry in Denmark is defined by a mix of mid-size, professional agencies, and individual businesses and experts where cooperation across disciplines is the name of the game.

  • Fashion,

    Danish fashion reflects the Danish creative DNA and design heritage with its emphasis on less-is-more aesthetics combined with a sleek and playful sense of style.

  • Industrial & strategic design,

    Design works as an enabler across industries in Denmark, increasing the value, relevance and appeal of products and services through strategic and human-centred solutions.

  • Video games & XR,

    The video games and XR industry increasingly crosscuts professional disciplines, contributing to digital transformation in other industries. VR and AR technologies are poignant examples of that.

  • Music,

    The music industry contains independent labels and national offices of the big international record companies. Some musicians identify with Danish society, others see themselves as global citizens.

  • Film, TV & animation

    The film, TV and animation industry in Denmark is defined by flat hierarchies and a high level of trust, self-management and cooperation, allowing for smaller, more efficient production setups.

Explore Topics

  • Digitalisation

    Digitalised workflows, products and services are now the world we inhabit. More than ever, we need a human-centred approach so we can use and explore the vast possibilities offered by digitalisation in a meaningful way.

  • Innovation

    The world needs innovation that puts human needs front and centre. And the Danish tradition for human-centred creativity is vital for developing impactful design, intelligent business models, optimisation of products and meaningful experiences.

  • Partnerships

    Partnerships and cooperation across disciplines are more important than ever. Based on trust, the Danish working culture and problem-solving approach is about finding innovative ways to get the job done.

  • Quality of life

    When it comes to living well, Denmark is recognised globally as a source of inspiration. The Danish market often functions as a toolbox and a testing environment for new solutions that can be adapted for the global market.

  • Sustainability

    Working with a proven track record of sustainable achievements, Denmark's creative industries have a long tradition of responding to societal challenges and coming up with new solutions for a more sustainable future.



Finding new sustainable aesthetics

With creative and innovative thinking, Danish designers demonstrate that sustainable design can be both functional and luxurious.


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