Driven by creativity

Across sectors, creativity as an approach to design and processes help maintain a future-proof user focus in all stages of development. In architecture, the early and consistent consideration for the people who will live and work in or merely interact with buildings, constructions, and spaces is key to a better quality of life.

Conscious choices to be creative with repurposed materials are an explicit ambition for Danish creatives as well as a crucial step towards sustainability. Upcycling and responsible innovations make Danish fashion and interior design international frontrunners to widespread acclaim.

The skills of Danish communication designers are unparalleled in their human-centred approach to creating engagement. Some say communication is the 18th UN Sustainable Development Goal moving behaviour in a more sustainable direction. Industrial and strategic design connects an understanding of the surrounding world with resources and strategy to drive business development and innovation.

Creators within Danish film, tv &animation are renowned for their 360 take on society, for their empathic ways to engage their audiences, and for their playful methodologies. The same success with sensemaking is evident in the video games & XR industry where not only entertainment is key but also making a difference in people’s lives. A multitude of Danish developers and companies specialise in the rehabilitation of physical, emotional, or mental traumas via XR and gamification.

Within music and sound, the scope is just as wide as the trend for healing and experiencing via custom-tailored soundscapes is gaining momentum. Add to that, Denmark holds the record for the highest number of music festivals per inhabitant.  

Quality of life

When it comes to living well, Denmark does have it all figured out. Processes and technologies developed or tested here set trends internationally as more people around the world expect better balance, more influence, and not least defined agency as individuals, citizens, workers, and consumers.

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With a proven track record of sustainable innovation and partnerships, Denmark's creative industries have a long tradition of predicting and responding to societal challenges with solutions for a more sustainable future.

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Creative drivers of quality of life
and sustainability

Creativity can seem hard to define, however in the Danish approach to partnerships, innovation, and digitalisation in particular it is easy to both see and feel how together we can shape a better future.