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With a proven track record of sustainable innovation and partnerships, Denmark's creative industries have a long tradition of predicting and responding to societal challenges with solutions for a more sustainable future.

Let creativity drive sustainability

As the world recognises the importance of sustainability in everything from fashion to production methods, urban planning, and furniture, the need for human-centred solutions is urgent.

Sustainability cannot be seen as a disturbance, a cost burden, or a barrier to business and human fulfilment. Instead, we must creatively rethink most of what we do to make it more sustainable.

We need innovation in our approach to designing and producing products and services.

We need urban planning and architecture that will make cities greener and more liveable as they grow.

We need fashion, furniture, and design items that last longer, are produced sustainably, and embrace circularity.

We need movies, stories, and visualisations that will help us make sense of how the world is changing around us, and we need communication efforts that will create awareness and nudge all of us to move in a more sustainable direction.

The natural choice

Working out of a country with a long and proven track record of sustainable policies and achievements as well as ambitious goals for the future, the creative industries in Denmark have a solid tradition of responding to societal challenges and coming up with new solutions.

Creative professionals take a human-centric approach and design solutions that make living a more sustainable life something we want to do rather than something we should but don’t want to do.  

By making sustainability more meaningful, more beautiful, and more playful and by using it to save resources and create value, we come a long way towards making the sustainable choice the natural choice.

Let us start a conversation about sustainability and how we can use creativity to get there.

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