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October 28, 2022

Danish has pioneered a series of highly sophisticated sensory cushions. Created for people challenged by physical and mental conditions, the cushion allows the users to experience and be sensorial stimulated through music, aesthetics, and design.

Improving quality of life

With its unique combination of beautiful design, interactive music, AI technology, and haptic stimulation, the inmu® is a valuable companion that improves the quality of life for people with special needs. The company strives for a dignified way of dealing with the inevitable such as age, illness, or simply being different. Their cushions are a non-stigmatizing tool used in private homes, kindergartens, nursing homes, psychiatric wards, dental clinics, schools, hospitals, and many other places. The inmuRELAX can be used by anyone – both professionally and privately – and can relieve people who deal with anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, dementia, and much more. The shape and soft fabric create comfort while holding it. The gentle tones and pleasant vibrations have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body and provide a feeling of closeness and safety. It has a pocket that makes it easy to hold on to – even for disabled people.

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The Danish company started when the founding couple Anders Hansen and Toni Marquard shared their interest in improving quality of life, which stemmed from a personal family experience with dementia. Together with composer Asger Steenholdt, designer Emilie Wiehe, and their team of engineers, they launched the inmu® in Autumn 2017. The technology came as they looked closer to why the company of a pet is so calming. Could it be possible to create a tool that mirrors the shooting purring of a cat without looking like one? A passion drove them to explore a design where aesthetics, music, and AI technology are combined into a tool that speaks to both body and mind. Natural objects and organic shapes from nature were the inspiration. Based on the Danish design tradition of simplicity, they removed everything unnecessary. An inmu® has no buttons nor other controls. It requires only contact with the human body.