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Triagonal: Wayfinding in Başakşehir City Hospital

January 4, 2023

Triagonal is a highly specialised design agency working exclusively with wayfinding and optimising people flow – one of only a few in Europe. Their mission is to help people find their way through complex environments, primarily within the sectors of transportation, healthcare, and public space, thus contributing to positive, effective, and safe user experiences.

Wayfinding in Başakşehir City Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey  

Europe’s largest hospital was inaugurated in 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey, and is a 1 million sqm hospital consisting of 8 individual Centres of Excellence. Triagonal initially designed a wayfinding strategy for the hospital using a modular design and navigation system that could be implemented in the 8 centres.  

The strategy is based on colour coding, progressive disclosure of user information, and a simple letter-number-based code system for easily perceivable identification of destinations. Individual user flows were explored and mapped, touchpoints identified, and finally, all signage was positioned, concentrating on decision points and subsequent flows from these to the different areas of interest. The consistent graphic design holds together the communication, always ensuring that the users are aware of when the hospital is communicating with them.

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About Triagonal

Triagonal  was founded in 2004 and is headed by the founding partners, industrial designer Nicolai Okkels and graphic designer Peter Donner. The company works with constantly rethinking and optimising the concept and designed elements of wayfinding.

Empowering people to understand and find their way in complex environments requires coherent strategies to facilitate comprehension, legibility, and transparency of the physical space, guidance devices, and signage – hence leaving the individual users in control of their own journey. Triagonal’s design process can cover all project stages, from master planning over concept design, options, and scheme design to detailed design and tendering.