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Butter Agency: Beat the Gap

October 25, 2022

With the objective to create greater awareness in new markets, Butter Agency united its core team of strategists and creatives with carefully selected influential co-creators from the target group; thus, a foundation of behavioural insights and campaign relevance was laid. The result was a global empowering movement on social media that encourages women to take control and start investing to beat the gap.

Beat the Gap

With the current pace, it will take 257 years to close the financial gender gap. The fight for equality is ongoing - with Female Invest on the frontline of investment and financial equality.

In 2021, Butter Agency created the Beat the Gap communication platform and campaign as Female Invest wanted to achieve awareness in new markets as a foundation for future growth.

The strategy was to innovate the tone of voice in the investment category and build a strong community around the brand by developing an empowering creative platform and social media movement that encourages women from all over the world to get together in the fight for financial freedom and to inspire each other to take the first step into the world of investing.

Based in Copenhagen, Butter Agency teamed up with more than 60 influential women from 5 different continents as co-creators to develop the global campaign Beat The Gap in close, creatively managed collaborations. By activating numerous strong women from different cultures, content creators, and videographers from around the world, Butter Agency gathered enough content to initiate a global social media movement.

The reception of the campaign was overwhelmingly positive, and it made a strong brand connection between Female Invest and all the women standing together for financial freedom. The result was a massive amount of user-generated content, organic sharing, and word-of-mouth - and not least, increased brand awareness on the new markets.

The campaign film, so far, reached +12.000.000 views with an impressive ThruPlay rate of 90%. The average watch time is 49 seconds (compared to the average Meta watch time being only 3 seconds).

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About Butter Agency

Butter Agency is an independent idea agency creating behaviour-altering communication. Especially when it comes to getting messages across to young adults (aged 13-30); meaningful creative platforms and campaigns that do not waste anyone's time.

It's all about positioning brands and their ethos as an organic part of the social culture - and vice versa.

By uniting Butter Agency’s core team of strategists and creatives with carefully selected co-creators, the connections are made. Not only does this approach provide a deeper understanding of the target audience's behaviour and brand perception, it also ensures campaign relevance. This collaborative approach comes naturally to Butter Agency, as the agency started as a 'creative network agency' in 2015.

The agency’s mission is to unfold strategic potential into bold ideas by creating highly engaging content.