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Kontrapunkt: Craftsmanship meets forward-looking creativity

April 2, 2024

Kontrapunkt is a design studio with nearly 40 years of experience spanning across latitudes and generations. From the legacy-driven new typeface of ASICS Tiger to the vibrant brand identity of Chamberlain Coffee, these two cases encompass curiosity, craftsmanship and forward-looking creativity — much like Kontrapunkt itself, really.

Bespoke typefaces and playful characters

Kontrapunkt crafted the bespoke typeface for ASICS Tiger in 2017, honouring its rich heritage and preserving the essence of the original Herb Lubalin logo design. Whether adorning the facade of the Osaka flagship store or printed on a shoebox leaflet, the typeface seamlessly integrates into the brand's identity, encapsulating its expressive and energetic spirit while staying true to its Japanese roots.

In the Chamberlain Coffee case, Kontrapunkt collaborated with founder and Gen Z influencer Emma Chamberlain to create a new, vibrant brand tailored to a young audience. Over 13 months, the agency developed the brand's identity, deviating from traditional quality cues that redefine how we signal premium, using rich, relatable colours and playful characters.

The two projects entail the meticulous craft of typography, underscoring Kontrapunkt's core, while showcasing a profound understanding of audience and community building in 2024 and beyond.

"At Kontrapunkt, our values — courage, curiosity, and craftsmanship — guide our approach to every project, our creative and strategic work, and the parameters for our growth as an agency."

Philip Linnemann, Executive Creative Director & Partner at Kontrapunkt.
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About Kontrapunkt

Kontrapunkt is a strategic brand agency working across strategy, design, technology, and storytelling. For four decades, the agency has created stories and designs to excite people and inspire change. Banks, pharmacies, museums, and ministries all over Denmark, even the Danish royal family, bear the hallmarks of Kontrapunkt’s craftsmanship. Yet Kontrapunkt’s physical presence spans the globe, from Copenhagen to Tokyo — and their work even broader. The talented team of over fifty designers, strategists, technologists, and consultants take on clients across 20+ global markets.

Kontrapunkt takes a holistic approach, working to consistently motivate and inspire across all actions and touchpoints, whether that be product innovation, the search for talent, annual reporting, or an organisation’s role in society. Kontrapunkt is a certified B Corporation.