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WARM: Every airplay counts

October 31, 2022

Knowing when and where your music is being played is crucial when working in the music industry. With WARM – World Airplay Radio Monitor –­ any stakeholder in the music industry can get important and valuable insights.

Every Airplay Counts

The Danish company WARM – World Airplay Radio Monitor offers a web application to provide true transparency to artists/bands, record labels, PR agencies, and booking agents. The service monitors an impressive collection of +28,000 radio stations, making it the largest and most accurate radio monitor on the market.

WARM is a powerful tool that provides with radio airplay data that will help boost careers in the music industry. The high quality of this data allows to identify and target new markets, improve promotions and marketing strategies, and get a clear overview of fanbases. Moreover, WARM’s data is solid proof artists can use to negotiate the collection of your royalties. With WARM, it is possible to access data on where and when a specific song has been played on the radio. The technology behind WARM is based on audio fingerprints. Every song gets its unique fingerprint which is matched with the music playing on radio stations around the world, in real-time.

The algorithm behind this is powered by MusicDNA.

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About WARM

Danish WARM – World Airplay Radio Monitor is an innovative digital service that allows you to track music on the radio around the world. With their subscription-based service, WARM monitors radio stations in real-time. It is a powerful software that tracks radio plays of any song, using audio Fingerprint Technology and Music Recognition. The application connects multiple branches within the music industry with their data transparency, provides rich insights on radio airplays, and brings necessary innovation to the music industry.

Throughout modern music history, it has been extremely expensive and difficult to access airplay data for the middle and low layers of the industry, limiting these insights to major labels. The independent artists and labels now have the proof and the information they need to enhance their business and promote their music in the right markets.