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A Circular Design Studio: Precent Objects – exploration of recycled plastic

May 25, 2023

Precent objects is an exhibition that combines six years of work, exploration, innovation, and developing possibilities, working with 100% recycled plastic. The work is shown in seven different, handcrafted design objects made of 100% recycled plastic. A Circular Design Studio combines a new 100% recycled and recyclable material with traditional craftsmanship to create high-end design objects and furniture out of a waste stream.

Precent Objects – exploration of recycled plastic

A Circular Design Studio has developed a new way of working with 100% recycled plastic. Traditionally, plastic production is a very closed process based on large, expensive, and complex machinery, and all products are made after predesigned molds using virgin plastic. The issue with that is that it is very expensive to build a factory, molds are extremely inflexible and very expensive, and it promotes a mass production culture that A Circular Design Studio doesn’t believe should be part of a sustainable future. On top of that, molds use quite a lot of material, and the machinery in larger factories has difficulties working with recycled plastic.

Instead, the studio has developed an open-process production. This allows them to mold larger sheets of 100% recycled plastic to manipulate the aesthetics and create a base material with a look, feel, and properties similar to stone. From the base of the large sheets, they then use traditional crafts and digital production to create their products.

Their material can be used almost exactly as if it was wood, allowing them to use traditional carpentry joints and concepts within their production to take a recycled material from waste to a high-end design product.

All of A Circular Design Studio's products are carefully designed, handmade, sanded, and polished to create something better in look and quality than other plastic products on the market.

It is, of course, good to recycle waste material, but if you only recycle a material to put into the usual mass production and throw-away culture, you have not created a solution to the problem.

A Circular Design Studio believes that by elevating the quality and finish of the material, they can create a product that can last for decades, creating a viable solution for all plastic waste.

Being circular means taking responsibility for all the steps in the circular economy. It is not enough to say products CAN be recycled; you have to make sure they actually are if you want to make a difference.

The studio’s products are made of the same material, which means they can go into a standard recycling system anywhere in the world. On top of that, all their products are also sold with a “swap option,” which allows their customers to swap products for free for other products with the same value or different colors. They also offer to buy back all their products. Even if they are broken, they can still offer a base material value.

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About A Circular Design Studio

A Circular Design Studio is based on a drive to inspire others to change the world. They want to develop materials and methods they can share with others to promote recycled material to be a new standard within design, architecture, and arts.

The studio was founded by Andreas Zacho, who, after sailing for many years, saw a rise in ocean pollution, no matter what ocean he was in or how far from land he was.

Learning more about plastic pollution, he founded the company to explore options on how to deal with the pollution in a creative and alternative way that could inspire others.