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AirBird® - The canary in the mine

October 31, 2022

Based on 6 years of research into sensors, pollution, and air quality, the AirBird® offers a state-of-the-art product, packaged in a thoughtful and elegant design experience, with the purpose to improve the indoor climate. The bird is designed and developed in collaboration between GXN, VELUX Group and Leapcraft.

Indoor climate sensor

AirBird® is an intelligent indoor climate sensor that helps improve the indoor climate by nudging behavioural change. It can quickly detect poor indoor air quality and helps occupants of a room to take necessary action. It can give feedback via bird sounds or via a soft glow to prompt you to adjust ventilation, heating or cooling. The AirBird Plus version can also wirelessly connect to a hub to transmit data and generate recommendations via an accompanying app for smartphones. The shape of AirBird® is inspired by an elegant Japanese origami bird. It is easy to operate, requiring no WiFi set-up, is battery-powered and ready-to-use out of the box.

Industrial researcher Lara Anne Hale has been involved in testing the AirBird as part of her research associated with ‘Smart City and Smart Buildings – Balancing Technology and People’ facilitated by BLOXHUB and funded by Realdania and Innovation Fund Denmark. Her work enabled data-driven building renovations to improve the indoor climate as a potential business model, in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School, the VELUX Group, Leapcraft, and Kokkedal School, where the AirBird was tested.

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About Airbird®

AirBird® combines design skills from GXN (part of 3XN), sensor and hardware expertise from Leapcraft, plus healthy indoor environment knowledge from VELUX Group. Together, they ideated, co-created, developed, tested, and started the production of the sensor. The aim was to make clean air more accessible by helping people to easily understand its importance and to nudge behavioural change.