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AllMatters: Tackling menstrual taboos

July 3, 2023

TABOO: Global Periods is an ongoing project that uncovers the implications of menstruation in the lives of teenagers around the globe. The project is initiated by the period care company AllMatters and photographer Nikolaj Møller.

TABOO: Global Periods


Menstruation affects half the world’s population, but not in the same ways. From feeling embarrassed or not being able to afford period products to being restricted by religious and social rules.


The impact of any taboo is difficult to understand when viewed from the outside. That is why this project’s purpose is to explore factors such as culture, gender, and religion that are linked to menstrual taboos and traditions in a wide variety of settings – from the jungles of the Amazon, and rural Africa, to central London and beyond.


No matter where we are or the circumstances we grew up in, periods are an indisputable part of our lives. This platform’s goal is to bring the overlooked subject of periods to people’s attention and foster a better understanding of it and the obstacles it poses.


The project uncovers how periods are dealt with in a multitude of cultures around the globe. What does it mean to get your first period in the Guna tribes of Panama? Why are young Nepalese girls left alone in huts during their periods? How come young girls are missing up to 20% of their education in Africa? How do you deal with your period if you’re homeless, working as a prostitute, or a soldier in the field?


The objective is not to pass judgement on traditions, religion, or economic situations but to open the eyes of the reader to other cultures and how they too, might relate to someone across the world.


The project is initiated by AllMatters and photographer Nikolaj Møller. The first six stories are all published on the project website

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About AllMatters


AllMatters was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2012, as OrganiCup, with an ambition to grow the category of reusable period products. The starting point was to make a simple and sustainable menstrual cup brand and make it accessible through a democratic price point and wide distribution.


Since 2012, more than 2 million cups have been sold, and the cup is found on the shelves of 7000+ shops worldwide.


The cup taught the company that small changes in our daily routines can have a significant impact. In 2021 it was time for a new period as they extended the product range with reusable period underwear, and that is also why they changed their name from OrganiCup to AllMatters. It’s a small change, but it all matters.