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applicata: Long-lasting and locally produced gifts

August 23, 2023

applicata presents long-lasting Danish design in authentic and durable materials. Their collection of home accessories is created by talented architects, designers, and artists - always locally produced by Nordic artisans in family-owned workshops. A special gift for a special occasion.

Long-lasting and locally produced gifts


All applicata’s collections are designed by talented architects, designers, and artists such as Amanda Lilholt, Anne Boysen, UnnaTrä, Rikke Skytte, and Anders Nørgaard, among others. Most collections are delivered in reusable giftboxes, decorated by Danish artist Pernille Snedker.


applicata’s products are created from durable materials such as solid wood, real brass, glass, and paper – all of which age beautifully over time – with the aim of creating long-lasting designs and joy for generations. All wood and paper products are also FSC®-certified.


It has been an active choice for the company to produce all products locally. This means that the entire range is produced by artisans in family-owned workshops in Denmark and Sweden.

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About applicata


applicata is a family-owned Danish design company creating “special gifts for special occasions” – always working with contemporary talents and traditional craftsmanship in product development.


The company’s selection primarily consists of exclusive candlesticks, wall clocks, vases, trays, tapas dishes, hooks, and storage boxes. All in various authentic materials like wood, glass, brass, and paper – and at different price points.