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NorviGroup Denmark: Temprakon duvets and pillows – better sleep, better performance

October 3, 2023

For more than 20 years, NorviGroup Denmark A/S has been providing a wide selection of high-quality down duvets and pillows. Among their offerings is the Temprakon range, consisting of temperature-regulating duvets and pillows based on the same technology and materials that NASA uses in space suits.

Temprakon duvets and pillows – improve your sleep

Temprakon is a renowned brand known for its duvets and pillows, all designed and manufactured in Denmark with the utmost attention to detail and user comfort and proudly carrying the “Made in Denmark” label. With a mission to enhance the overall sleep experience, Temprakon has gained a reputation for its innovative technology and commitment to delivering comfort and well-being to its customers.

One of the key features of Temprakon is the use of temperature regulating technology. Originally developed by NASA to keep astronauts’ body temperature stable in the extreme conditions in space, the technology is based on thermal capsules that absorb excess heat to prevent sweating and release heat when the body temperature drops.

Each product in the Temprakon collection is made from premium materials, including European class 1 certified down filling. The duvets and pillows are made with 100% Oeko-Tex class 1 certified cotton and features other renowned labels such as Downpass, Downafresh Greenline, Space Certification and Nomite.

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About NorviGroup Denmark

NorviGroup Denmark A/S specializes in high-quality duvets, pillows, and other bedding products. Established in 2000, they are best known for their brand Quilts of Denmark. With their own production facility in Denmark, strong global sourcing capabilities, and relations all over the world, they understand the down and feather industry in detail.

Quality is a top priority, and they cooperate with independent organizations to ensure their products meet all regulations. The company also invest in the development of new solutions to minimize waste, and they have brought several environmentally friendly concepts to the market.

Innovation is also high on the agenda. NorviGroup has invented the Temprakon concept – the first temperature-regulating duvet using NASA space technology - and they continuously invest in new ideas that can improve people’s sleep.