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Arboretum Design: Handmade and long-lasting

December 14, 2022

Arboretum Design’s mission is to create sustainable furniture designed to be long-lasting. The handmade pieces are high quality and have a clean, elegant, and timeless look, so that the furniture can stay in the family for many generations.

Handmade and long-lasting

Arboretum Design do their best to be responsible regarding the climate and the people. They use sustainable materials to produce their furniture at the FSC-certified company Anton Balle A/S, and their pieces are made in Denmark under responsible and safe conditions. Furthermore, every piece of furniture is exclusively made to order.

AB01 - Desk

This desk has clean lines and a simple, classic design that radiates quality. Slim elements and a  large rounding on the outside of the conical legs make AB01 optically light and airy. The desk is elegant from every angle and can be placed freely in the room – functional but still pure and simple in its expression.

AB01 is  manufactured in solid walnut with a linoleum coating providing a warm and comfortable surface on the tabletop and on the bottom of the drawer. A slim list of brass frames the tabletop and creates an elegant transition between the linoleum and the frame of the table.


AB02 – Coffee table

The goal was to  create a petite yet robust coffee table for every modern-style home. Like AB01, the clean lines and simple, classic design are the key elements of the coffee table. It is made of slim elements and with a large rounding on the outside of the conical legs. The table is quadratic, light, airy, and elegant from every angle and radiates high quality.

The linoleum used on the tabletops is from Forbo, who makes long-lasting and comfortable linoleum only with sustainable and natural materials. The metal list on the tabletops is made of sustainable brass and frames the tables elegantly.

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About Arboretum Design

Arboretum Design is owned and run by designer and entrepreneur Alberte Bisgaard Andersen, a  27-year-old joiner from Aalborg, Denmark. The final apprentice into becoming  a joiner led to a silver medal, and with personal desire and prompts from outside, the company was created in 2021.  

A passion for  furniture and design developed through her education as a joiner and an engineering bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at Aalborg University. The furniture is produced in collaboration with Anton Balle A/S, Alberte Bisgaard’s former apprenticeship and workplace.