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Center for Creative Thinking: Fostering creativity in education

March 27, 2024

Center for Creative Thinking is committed to bringing creative thinking into all levels of education. Igniting creative learning through researched based creativity.

Fostering creativity in education

For centuries, the traditional education system has remained largely unchanged. The teacher stands at the front of the class, posing questions, while students raise their hands to guess at a predetermined answer. There’s one right answer, and the teacher holds it. This approach, however, no longer aligns with the rapidly evolving world we live in today, where multiple answers, original ideas and novel thinking is in demand.

In the modern landscape, jobs and careers are continuously evolving, requiring a different set of skills than those taught in the past. According to the World Economic Forum, the children of today are expected to not only change jobs multiple times but also switch careers, with 65% working in roles that do not yet exist. The dynamic nature of industries, characterized by complexity and unpredictability, demands a shift in our approach to education.

The World Economic Forum highlights problem-solving skills as crucial for the workforce of tomorrow. As we prepare our children for this future, it is essential to equip them with the skills needed to thrive in this ever-changing environment and to prepare them for roles we cannot yet imagine ourselves.

Creativity is a vital life skill. In a world of multiple truths, where adaptability and innovation are paramount, creativity empowers the individual to tackle complex challenges, navigate technological advancements, collaborate effectively, and drive positive change. It is a fundamental competency to thrive in modern and future eras.

The Center for Creative Thinking is dedicated to integrating creative thinking into all levels of education. By promoting research-based creativity, the center aims to ignite a passion for learning and problem-solving through innovative approaches.

Through curriculum design, educational materials, thinking tools, creativity games, teacher training programs, and courses for educators and school management, the Center for Creative Thinking is at the forefront of fostering creative learning environments. The center collaborates with schools to demonstrate the transformative impact of creativity training.

One example of this is a successful partnership with a Danish primary school, where “Creativity” became part of the curriculum for all students from year 0 to 9, with its own dedicated timeslot on the weekly timetable - two hours a week, every week. Through teacher training, the teachers were not only equipped with the tools to teach creative thinking and problem-solving skills in their own right, but also how to integrate these new skills into all subjects from math and history to writing and innovation.

What began as a trial period soon became the new norm, leading to improved well-being, reduced numbers of sick days, enhanced skills, and positive academic outcomes. Students developed the ability to think creatively, generate new ideas, and approach challenges with confidence. Teachers observed increased collaboration, diverse thinking, and a culture that embraced experimentation and learning from mistakes.

Creativity not only drives innovation but also fosters collaboration, enhances teamwork, and empowers individuals to share ideas and expertise openly. By nurturing creativity in education, a pathway is created for students to thrive in a world that needs adaptability, creative thinking, and imaginative problem-solving.

“Creative thinking is like any other skill in life. The more you practice, the better you become. You can train your brain. Just like you can train your muscles.”

Dorte Nielsen, Director of Center for Creative Thinking.
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About Center for Creative Thinking

Center for Creative Thinking ignites creative learning through researched-based approaches, bringing creative thinking into all levels of education, as well as organisations and businesses.  

The center empowers individuals and teams to unleash their creative potential. They offer fun and engaging ways to boost creativity and help people become better creative thinkers.

Center for Creative Thinking was founded by Dorte Nielsen in 2015. Over the years it has developed resources, books, games, tools, and techniques to enhance creative thinking skills, together with Sarah Thurber, Katrine Grandholm and Ingvar Jónsson among others. Their work is published in 11 languages and distributed in 65 countries.