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Copenhagen Furniture Factory: Creating atmospheres, merging vision and function

August 24, 2023

Embracing a profound love for simplicity and functionality in design, Copenhagen Furniture Factory excels in crafting tactile, enduring furniture and objects. They pay homage to timeless design principles while customizing to meet their clients' specific requirements. Collaborating closely with the customer, they shape not only furniture but entire atmospheres, merging vision and function.

Creating atmospheres, merging vision and function

Copenhagen Furniture Factory crafts premium, functional pieces tailored to your vision and your business.


Their experienced team advises on materials, furniture choices, and design, crafting durable, aesthetic bespoke pieces.


From concept to completion, they oversee every detail, ensuring a seamless execution for interior projects and large deliveries. They design, advise, and produce to the private market as well as B2B and the contract market. They distinguish by daring to challenge the scope but always according to the purpose.


Copenhagen Furniture Factory elevates spaces with functional elegance, a perfect partnership for architects, developers, and contractors.

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About Copenhagen Furniture Factory

Copenhagen Furniture Factory elevates designs with their uncompromising craftsmanship, fusing form, and function. Specialists in bespoke carpentry, they create enduring pieces from sketches to installation.


Guided by experience, Copenhagen Furniture Factory offers expert advice and project management for seamless execution. They collaborate with architects to craft stunning atmospheres tailored to your needs.


The company’s production ensures durable and functional furnishings withstanding wear and tear.

With a business founded on 3 “legs”: private, B2B, and contract market, they create timeless elegance and functional artistry for privates, architects, developers, and contractors alike.