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Danish Legacy: Love & Longevity

February 13, 2024

Timeless beauty and quality lasting for a lifetime – and beyond. That is the essence of what the design company Danish Legacy is pursuing. Danish Legacy is an homage to the Danish design traditions – and it is a hope for a future where furniture is a lasting, treasured cornerstone in homes and families. Furniture built for generations. This is their legacy.

Love & Longevity

Danish Legacy’s aim is to make sustainable furniture – in every sense of the word. Environmentally sustainable with good use of resources and responsible, certified sourcing of materials. Sustainable in the sense that you will not need to replace the product in your lifetime. Sustainable in the sense that you will still love it, decade after decade.

The company isn’t using groundbreaking innovation – actually quite the opposite. Their approaches to sustainability are rooted in very old-fashioned things like craftmanship, sourcing the best materials, and passing down furniture through generations.

To them, love and longevity needs to be reintroduced as focal points for future furniture. Quality products made with love, craftmanship, and ambition – for people who will cherish and keep them for generations.

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About Danish Legacy

While the brand might be new, Danish Legacy is actually a 6th generation family business of furniture dating back to the 1880’s. Rasmus Falsig, the founder of Danish Legacy, is the grandson of Gunnar Falsig – a significant manufacturer from the mid-century golden days of the Danish furniture industry.

Since ending the of last of the family’s furniture activities in 2012, Rasmus Falsig has worked on reviving the family legacy – and going back to the roots of Danish design. Form, function, and quality made for generations.

Danish Legacy is an homage to heritage – his own and the one passed down to all of us from the great minds of the Danish design traditions.