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DFD: Tons of textiles given a new life

October 28, 2022

DFD (De Forenede Dampvaskerier) gives discarded textiles a new purpose through upcycling, turning old tablecloths into chef’s whites.

Tons of textiles given a new life

DFD’s upcy initiative is based on a circular business model. Its objective is to establish sustainable textile consumption through close partnerships with its customers.

On average, 1 ton of textiles is discarded every day by the commercial linen industry, as when textiles no longer meet quality requirements, they are taken out of service. However, these textiles have not yet reached the end of their lifecycle. DFD gives textiles a new lease of life and completes the circle by upcycling its customers’ discarded textiles into new products. For example, hospital duvets and tablecloths are transformed into shirts and jackets. Using the resources DFD has at its disposal, it minimises the production of new resources. DFD aims to upcycle 100% of its customers’ textiles by 2025.

Customers have responded positively to the DFD upcy initiative and its specific action towards a more sustainable society.

DFD upcy aims to inspire others to take a fresh look at their resources and consider how they can prolong the life cycle of their textiles.

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About DFD

De Forenede Dampvaskerier (DFD) was founded by K.P. Thorgaard in 1958 and is still owned by the Thorgaard family. The company is one of Scandinavia's largest service companies within the textile laundering and rental sector. DFD is based on a circular business model and aims to upcycle 100 % of textiles by 2025.

DFD provides specialised textile and logistics solutions to all kinds of industries. From more than 20 sites throughout Scandinavia, we generate approx. revenue of EUR 200 million a year. We have 2000 dedicated employees, who serve customers in many different industries.