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dk3: Furniture crafted by true enthusiasts

January 3, 2023

dk3 creates furniture pieces shaped and crafted by true enthusiasts. Their vision is to unite the finest craftsmanship traditions with modern and classic interior aesthetics, unceasingly seeking new horizons.

Furniture crafted by true enthusiasts


The round version of TEN TABLE has been developed exclusively by Christian Troels and Jacob Plejdrup, based on the same design concept as the rectangular TEN dining table from 2019.

The cube-shaped base in solid wood makes a sturdy and elegant stage for the tabletop and brings a lightness to the table, which is emphasized by the refined crafted details like the beautiful vertical grooves of the cube and the sloping edge of the tabletop.



The PIA CHAIR has thin, conical-shaped solid wooden legs with a light visual expression, which is further emphasized by two fine details: the hand-sanded rounding at the top of the back legs and the finger-joined front legs. The seat is made of hand-woven paper cordel, and the backrest is moulded, giving an optimal seating comfort. It takes two hours to hand-weave the seat, so making the chair is a time-consuming process requiring patience and high accuracy.

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About dk3

dk3’s collection combines exclusive classic and contemporary furniture from great Danish architects and designers such as Jeppe Utzon, Poul Cadovius, and others.

80% of the collection is made at their carpentries in Denmark, while the rest is produced at carpentries across Europe.

dk3 creates and produces furniture pieces shaped and crafted by true enthusiasts, always with the ambition to unite the finest carpentry traditions with modern and classic furniture design through the fusion of timeless steel or brass and high-quality wood. The love for organic material and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the entire process, from the first design sketches to the manufacturing in the carpentries, where most pieces are finished and surface treated by hand.

The company has a passion for wood, and in their designs, they always aim to highlight rather than hide the natural characteristics of the tree. To them, the knots and small cracks in  each individual plank are a kind of treasure, making the final piece of  furniture unique.