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FERN.: Bridging the gap between creativity and climate consciousness

January 12, 2023

FERN. is a creative film & photo production company bridging the gap between creativity and climate consciousness. FERN. represents a handpicked selection of the finest still photographers and film directors in Scandinavia. Together, they work to deliver high-quality creative work and top production quality - with minimal impact on the climate and the environment. Through creativity, storytelling, and captivating imagery, FERN. helps brands have their message shine through the noise.

Bridging the gap between creativity and climate consciousness

At FERN. nothing is business as usual. The company is built around the optimistic belief that if everyone - individuals as well as companies - act on lowering their impact on the climate, it is possible to slowly get back the positive view of the future that kids of the 90's grew up with.

FERN. produces films and photos with a positive impact on society and a minimal impact on climate and the environment. Every day, FERN. works to empower its stakeholders to take action on preventing climate change. By educating their staff and collaborators and making the necessary resources available for them to lower the impact of their specific role in production, FERN. is an active force in pushing for change within the creative industry.

Every single product, supplier, and collaborator is selected based on living up to a certain set of standards adding a unique value to FERN.’s way of producing.

FERN. has put itself at the forefront of innovating the film and photo production industry. The company was founded by creative people, and everyday FERN. utilise its creative backbone to find new solutions to stay ahead of the climate change curve and thereby preserve a bright future for generations to come.

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About FERN.

In 2020, FERN. was born with a heart for creativity and a brain eager to act for the climate. FERN. was established by two creative forces: film director Jeppe Kolstrup and photographer Kia Hartelius. Nobody in the creative industry was acting on lowering their impact on the climate and the environment - so Kia and Jeppe decided to stop talking and start acting.


FERN.’s mission is to change the industry from within. Step by step, FERN. pushes themselves, their collaborators and clients to think outside the box and raise the bar when it comes to lowering the footprint of the creative industry.


Transparency and a deliberate approach are key elements in FERN.'s soul and ways of working. FERN. lowers its climate and environmental impact by being proactive and finding alternative ideas and ways to behave. Both in every day and in production. These measures raise awareness, inspire, and change production methods. After each production FERN. calculates and reports the production’s CO2e emissions, which they share openly with the agency, client, and the rest of the world. Why? Because creativity is change.