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Fischer Lighting: Sustainable lighting

October 28, 2022

Fischer Lighting is a 100% Danish family business with a circular business model. They recycle existing light fixtures and turn waste into new, beautiful and sustainable LED solutions.

Sustainable lighting

Fischer Lighting has recently launched the world’s first light fixture catalogue, focused on reclaimed lighting for the professional market. It is a showdown for the linear economy that honours Danish design heritage and proves that great design solutions can be sustainable and cost-competitive. The catalogue focuses on high-quality vintage fittings, which are themselves design classics. Fischer Lighting rejuvenates these fittings with patented LED systems that are modular and updatable.

By reusing light fixtures, Fischer Lighting can conserve a number of valuable resources and save a significant amount of CO2. The approach improves waste reduction in construction and the mitigation of overconsumption. The circular lighting approach rescues existing light fixtures from demolition sites and reinvests them with replaceable components, assuring a capacity for repeated upcycling and reuse.

Fischer Lighting can further install the latest health-promoting LED technology, which creates a healthier and more productive work environment. They work with leading architects in upgrading the technology and design to produce a whole new aesthetic expression.

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About Fischer Lighting

Fischer Lighting is a 100 % Danish owned family business founded in 2016. It is our vision to be a Danish and international ‘first mover’ when it comes to the development of sustainable and well-being-creating lighting concepts and solutions that are based on circular production and design principles.