FLEYE Copenhagen: Elements of art

The eyewear collection 'Elements of Art' by FLEYE Copenhagen is a tribute to Thorvaldsens Museum and its solid block colours and intriguing patterns. Driven by curiosity, the Danish design company FLEYE Copenhagen works with a mission to create high-end eyewear, using innovative solutions and craftsmanship to achieve beautiful design, fit and quality.

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A tribute to Thorvaldsens museum

A trip to the museum inspired the team at FLEYE Copenhagen to combine elements of architecture and art, where the designers created soap in various forms, colours and patterns. Afterwards, they used these to create art sculptures, which inspired the eyewear designs in the collection. The solid block colours and intriguing patterns from the museum have been directly transferred to new colourways and engravings in the eyewear designs, as well as patterns and transparency created by light reflections. Each frame is the intersection of craft and art and represents the company’s vision for modern designs crafted to last.

A FLEYE eyewaer design.

The design team at FLEYE Copenhagen.

Soap bars of different forms, colours and patterns, created by the designers at FLEYE after a trip to Thorvaldsens museuem.

The created art sculpures insipred the eyewear design in the collection 'Elements of Art'.

About FLEYE Copenhagen

FLEYE Copenhagen is a Danish design company with a mission to create high-end eyewear, driven by curiosity. The company is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, using innovative solutions and sublime craftsmanship to achieve high service and beautiful design, fit, and quality. FLEYE Copenhagen’s collections are always inspired by Scandinavian design and culture and they are especially inspired by the Danish traditions, values, and visions. The company works with a philosophy and aesthetics that are grounded in mutual trust and meaningful relationships with those around them. They blend urban impulses with classic simplicity, making their design daring, yet timeless.

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