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Ghost VFX: Creating complex visual effects

July 5, 2023

Ghost VFX, Streamland Media’s visual effects division, is a leading visual effects house with Emmy® Award-winning talent and innovative technology, bringing creative visions to life. Ghost VFX’s dedicated teams around the globe make the impossible possible, fulfilling the demands of studios and independent creators alike.

Creating complex visual effects


When an explosion in the Norwegian mountains awakens an ancient troll, officials appoint a fearless paleontologist to stop it from wreaking deadly havoc.


Ghost VFX artists in Copenhagen worked closely with director Roar Uthaug, VFX Supervisor Esben Syberg, and VFX Producer Mikael Windelin to create visual effects for key sequences in the film Troll and were responsible for designing and building the troll asset that was used by all VFX vendors working on the film.


Ghost VFX artists were thrilled to create a main character in a film that contains so much complexity in its surface details and simulated dynamics. The asset also had to be shared with other vendors that didn’t necessarily use the same pipeline tools making the task even more challenging. Ghost VFX benefited hugely from being able to communicate directly with the director to achieve his vision for the film.

The creation of the troll included everything from sculpting the base model, his facial expressions, and all surface details, to developing simulation workflows, building the rig, and underlying muscle structure, as well as texturing and shading the asset. It all had to be done to a level that would hold up in extreme close ups. 

They found key frame animation to be the best approach, compared to having an actor try to perform in slow motion or trying to slow down mocap data, which would very easily lead to weird and artificial results.

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About Ghost VFX


Founded in 1999, Ghost VFX is an Emmy® award-winning visual effects studio with more than 600 artists and production folks worldwide. Through a modern and efficient pipeline, their teams cover all aspects of visual effects and are committed to a professional and thorough process.

Ghost VFX flies on the talent of its imaginative artists. Collaborative and spirited, Ghost VFX exists to fulfill the dreams of their clients and artists alike. Every day they try their very best to make the impossible, possible and produce stunning imagery that quietly speaks for itself.