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House of Finn Juhl: Heritage, craftsmanship, and the finest materials

April 4, 2023

For more than two decades, House of Finn Juhl has been trusted with the exclusive rights to revive and produce Finn Juhl’s iconic furniture. With respect for the original heritage and an undying commitment to quality and durability, the collection now features more than 50 classic masterpieces. They are expertly crafted using only the finest materials in the hands of the most dedicated and skilled craftspeople, ensuring that every piece is a testament to the artistry and skill that goes into its creation.

Heritage, craftsmanship, and the finest materials


When it comes to Finn Juhl, compromising is not an option. Materials of the highest quality and expert craftsmanship are the basis for creating elegant, comfortable, and durable pieces of furniture that will last for generations.


Still today, the largest part of the Finn Juhl collection is produced in Denmark, with a few selected wooden frames proudly produced in Japan. Last year, the company expanded the Danish production by acquiring a 100-year-old furniture factory in the city of Vejen, Denmark.


House of Finn Juhl manufactures the furniture with the same values and in the same quality as it was originally intended, and the company is dedicated to continuing the tradition that made Danish furniture known and admired throughout the world. Without this approach, it would not be possible to achieve the unique finish and details that is Finn Juhl’s trademark.

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About House of Finn Juhl


In 2001, Finn Juhl's widow, Hanne Wilhelm Hansen, entrusted Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik Sørensen, the founders of House of Finn Juhl, with the exclusive rights to manufacture and relaunch Finn Juhl's iconic designs.


Rather than thinking in terms of practical construction, Finn Juhl had the mindset of a sculptor when he shaped a piece of furniture. In the 1940s and 1950s, this way of working had never been seen before. His ambition was to design furniture with movement and life. Finn Juhl took pride in making both the structurally supportive elements of the furniture and the seated person look as though they were floating.


Today, the Finn Juhl collection consists of more than 50 classic masterpieces, all crafted with the utmost respect for the original heritage and strict demands for quality.