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LastObject: Crafted in Denmark with love and care

July 3, 2023

LastObject is here to disrupt the single-use industry by providing reusable and sustainable alternatives for everyday items in your beauty and personal hygiene routines.

Crafted in Denmark with love and care


Since its start in 2018, LastObject has been crafting a range of products that replace the everyday disposables we use daily. The goal is to make products that are at least 10x better for the environment and make it easier to switch to a sustainable lifestyle.


LastObject is committed to making a positive impact on the environment. They do this by carefully selecting materials of the highest quality and ensuring that the product is durable, sustainable, and safe for both humans and the planet. For example, their cases are made from recycled Ocean Bound Plastic that has been removed from nature, and their cotton rounds are home-compostable and made from organic cotton and wood fibers.


LastObject is also dedicated to spreading awareness, informing, and engaging their community of eco-lovers. They firmly believe that we can all make a difference if we do it together.

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About LastObject


In a world where single-use items are ubiquitous and often end up polluting the environment, LastObject is taking a stand. Founded in 2018 by a team of eco-conscious Danish designers, LastObject is a company that cares deeply about the planet and its inhabitants. They understand that small changes can make a big impact.


Together with their community, they have helped eliminate about 3.3 billion single-use items and 4.6 million pounds of waste, as well as preventing more than 3,000 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere. Join them on their journey to a more sustainable future, one LastObject at a time.