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Lendager: The radical pioneers of circular construction

October 26, 2022

Lendager implements upcycled building materials in their design process and has won a number of esteemed design awards by doing so.

The radical pioneers of circular construction

If you want to design with sustainable materials, you are confronted with two main challenges: the materials are unavailable and the clients do not want to pay more for sustainability. Lendager, however, has discovered that using upcycled materials does not have to cost more. Their building products, developed from recycled material, are often cheaper than new comparable products, even in the initial product loop. Rarely are they more than 10% more expensive, and with an increased production volume, they can be 50-70% cheaper.

Their company UP works with design, material mapping, material innovation and material manufacturing through partnerships. With this approach, the investors can find out exactly how much concrete, glass and steel a building contains, what these materials are worth, and how they can be recycled or reused. Often, the investors can make a better profit with circular construction.

The upcycled materials can either be invisible or a recognisable part of the design. The residents at Resource Rows in Copenhagen, for example, know precisely where the bricks in their building came from. This allows them to develop a much closer relationship with their home than they would in another new build.

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About Lendager

Lendager is a new kind of company on a mission to convert the challenges of our time into sustainable, scalable and cost-neutral solutions. Architecture and design are their tools and sustainability is at the core of everything they do. They realize award-winning buildings and beautiful materials and products by utilizing the resources we have all around us without compromising on aesthetics, price, or quality. This way, sustainability and growth are prerequisites.