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Levitate: Disrupting the prosthetic industry

January 18, 2023

With low-cost and easy-to-use sports prosthetics, Levitate has built a global community of self-empowered everyday athletes who can purchase the products online and install them at home.

Disrupting the prosthetic industry

More than one million people experience lower limb amputations every year. Most insurance companies provide only one everyday prosthesis for every individual every third year. Often these are limited to walking purposes.

80% of amputees, therefore, remain physically inactive as the cost of secondary prosthetics often exceeds 13.800 euros.

Levitate successfully delivers sports prosthetics for amputees as a buy online, install at home kit for only about 1850 Euro.

With the direct-to-consumer model, Levitate eliminates waiting time for their users, reduces the prices, and simplifies the process significantly.

Starting with a running blade that quickly made waves in the industry, Levitate has now expanded its product line with an active everyday foot, a 3D-printed socket and a quick-change adapter that allows the user to swap prosthetic feet effortlessly.

Besides allowing users to purchase their products directly from them, Levitate also works with O&P professionals, clinics and organisations, including a number of Ukrainian organisations that work to rehabilitate military personnel and civilians affected by the war in Ukraine.

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About Levitate

Levitate’s founder, Lasse Madsen, lost his right leg above the knee as a teenager 20 years ago. Running blades were brand-new technology back then and almost impossible to get, so Madsen had to make do with a makeshift device that his prosthetist cobbled together from spare parts.

A few years ago, frustrated by the barriers to acquiring a decent running blade, Madsen — by then a 10-year veteran of the engineering industry — decided to create one himself. And so, Levitate was born.