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LYS Technologies: Helping people live healthier lives

October 31, 2022

Just as air, food, and water, light is a natural and vital source for health. To most people, the absorption of light is an act without conscious will. It’s everywhere, always. But not necessarily in a healthy way. The mission of LYS Technologies is to help people live healthier with light based on science, powered by data, and enabled by technology.

Helping people live healthier lives

In Danish, LYS means light. Short, simple, and straight to the point. The name carries not just Scandinavian heritage but also a promise that we never take light for granted — it’s too important.

LYS looks beyond the lifespan of a lightbulb, the aesthetics of a lamp, and the technology of lighting controls. Instead, LYS focuses on what should always come first: people.

Today, people spend on average more than 90% of their time in artificial and unhealthy indoor environments. Scientific research has shown that poor lighting and unhealthy behaviours in regards to light can lead to desynchronised internal rhythms, alertness, and sleep problems, which can impact overall health and wellbeing as well as physical and cognitive performance. This is the problem that LYS Technology tackles.

Bridging the gap between personal health and lighting, LYS’ work is three dimensional. Firstly, by raising awareness on the impact of light on health and wellbeing with a wearable light sensor and app. Secondly, by encouraging individuals’ behavioural change with in-app wellbeing programmes for more natural light, and thirdly, by improving indoor lighting by directly integrating with smart artificial lighting solutions.

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About LYS Technologies

LYS Technologies was founded with a core mission to enable healthier living with light for everyone. Founded by two graduates of Imperial College London, Christina Friis Blach Petersen from Denmark and Hugo Starrsjo from France, LYS launched its first product as a Kickstarter campaign in 2017. After reaching its funding target in less than 48 hours, LYS has gone on to secure investment, win worldwide acknowledged awards, and work with clients across lighting, architecture, and workplace wellbeing. With active users in more than 53 countries worldwide, the technology serves indoor dwellers with the most northern user in Nuiqsut, Alaska, to the southernmost user in Christchurch, New Zealand. What started as a Fitbit for light has now grown into data-driven applications across personal health, corporate wellbeing, and human-centric lighting.