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Maya SB: Building digital environments for visualising stories

January 10, 2023

The Danish company Maya SB creates digital environments for different industries to visualise stories and give the audience new perspectives. Maya SB utilises video game technology to create unique and independent environments using physical and digital scenography that complement the narrative and perspective of the story at hand.

Building digital environments for visualising stories

Creative Summit

This project was co-created with School of X, Børsen, and Creative Denmark to combine the three with visuals by Maya SB for Creative Summit 2022. The visuals were a mix of footage of School of X lead singer, Rasmus Littauer, combined with 3D scans from inside and outside the Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen. This resulted in unique visuals, combining the building’s Dutch renaissance architecture from the 17th century with state-of-the-art 3D technology accompanied by the music for a concert by the Danish band School of X.

Maya SB x M. Rexen

Together with award-winning composer M. Rexen, Maya SB created scenography and video for a special performance. This piece was developed by mutual inspiration from each other’s art. New music was inspired by the visuals from Maya SB and vice versa. The piece focuses on small-scale creatures and visually worked to share their point of view. It’s a cross-artistic collaboration that aims to give the audience an experience with light and animated work around Rexen’s voice and lyrical universe.

INTET at the Royal Danish Opera

The scenography for the opera ‘Intet’ (Nothing), performed at the Royal Danish Opera House and Oslo Opera House, was solely made of video on a big LED wall on the stage. Together with the creative team, MayaSB developed video that aided the opera’s storytelling. The scenography visualised the lead roles’ state of mind and included live recordings of and by the opera singers.

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About Maya SB

The company Maya SB was established in 2015 and is based in Copenhagen. Maya SB has a background in engineering with a Master of Science in IT and video game development.

Maya SB is specialised in capturing the colour of music, creating new connections between music and the audience. She creates unique and independent environments using physical and digital scenography inspired by video game theory.

She creates content within several industries, such as film, games, TV, music, commercials, and concerts. For example, Maya SB has recently worked with The Danish Royal Opera and The Danish Royal Theatre creating video scenography to complement storytelling on the stage. Furthermore, she works with prominent Danish music artists, such as Sivas and Tobias Rahim, to create concert visuals to enhance the music experience for the audience.