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Mernøe: Handmade and customized to order lamps

October 25, 2022

Mernøe is a family-based lighting company. They design, engineer, and produce lighting in classic materials and LED technology. Their lamps are handmade and customized to order in Copenhagen. Interior design

No. 1

Morten Mernøe designed No. 1 for the family dining table. He wanted to create an atmosphere of presence – a place for friends and family to see and listen to each other. This place should invite us to spend more time with the ones we care for.

Morten’s initial idea was to transform the light temperature into a warm, welcoming sphere around the table. His approach was to use wood as a reflector for the light source. The organic reflection would not only affect the light, but also highlight the beauty of the material. The result was a 98 cm long pendant made in solid sipo mahogany, equipped with massive brass fixtures to compliment the wood. His interpretation of ancient, classic materials combined with modern technology.

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About Mernøe

Mernøe was founded in 2020 by Morten Mernøe and his two sons, Jakob and Ulrik. While Morten is responsible for designs, Jakob and Ulrik are operating the company. Together they run their design studio in Copenhagen, where all lamps are made and customized to order.