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Mernøe: Handmade and customized to order lamps

October 25, 2022

Mernøe is a family-based lighting companyfounded in 2020. We design, engineer, and produce lighting in classic materialsand LED technology. All lamps are handmade and customized to order in Denmark.

Handmade and customized to order lamps

Mernøe's lamps are made to order, and they customize materials to each one. All components are manufactured in Denmark and assembled in their studio at Østerbro, Copenhagen.

Their wood is carefully selected and dried for each project. All parts are milled out solid to keep the veins' natural structure, giving each light a unique finish.

They polish everything by hand and treat it with beeswax – a choice for a better environmental impact, just as their production is only by order.

Mernøe believes in sustainable design and production, making long-lasting products that will be relevant for future generations.

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About Mernøe

It all started in 2018 when Morten Mernøe designed and created a pendant for the family dining table. He needed a new pendant and decided to make one himself. His ambition was to make a design that should contribute to the setting: Making an intimate space with warm but sufficient light to create a “room” around the table. He wanted to create a space of presence to see friends and family.

When his two sons saw the light, they knew right away they wanted to do something about it – that pendant should not only be in their family dining room. Combined with a mutual interest in design, they saw a natural and great opportunity to start working together.