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Mumutane: Colourful prints and patterns with a purpose

October 25, 2022

Mumutane is an upcoming Danish home interior company that combines colourful textile prints and patterns with Nordic minimalism. They have a strong focus on minimising textile waste, supporting and working with social impact businesses in Denmark, and improving conditions for people in low-income countries. Interior design

Colourful prints and patterns with a purpose

Purposeful design and processes

The idea behind Mumutane is to create a new modern take on existing traditions from the best of two worlds: New Nordic Design and the warm and vibrant African design tradition.

All pieces and processes are carefully thought through to minimise the use of resources and increase a positive social and local impact during production.

The expression and materials

The design concept is to use already produced high-quality wool-blended textiles from the Danish upholstery company, Kvadrat, on the back of the cushions. This provides a heavy and interesting texture. The front of the cushion is made of unique and colourful African wax print patterns, which at the same time carry symbols and stories about African living.

The cushions are adaptable to your preferences: one side expresses Nordic minimalism and the other African liveliness. This cultural crossover adds a personal and playful interior experience to any conscious, modern home and increases the longevity of the products in use.

B Corp-certified

Today, many companies have good intentions but might have difficulties delivering on those intentions. The B Corp tool ensures that you get a 360-degree review of your business to address the ethical and sustainable aspects and improve at all times without taking shortcuts. Certified B Corporations are companies that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

The founder of Mumutane came across the global B Corp-movement in 2020. The certification was exactly what she needed to measure and improve the company’s goals and at the same time provide a transparent and trustworthy story about Mumutane’s vision of not only producing beautiful home interiors but also making an impact in the world.

"For a long time, the stringent and minimalist Nordic expression has had a great influence on our Danish homes. Much has been monochromatic, monotonous, and impersonal. Now we experience a high demand of well-thought-through home interior designs which consider the environment, people, and everlasting quality - and at the same time give you a cheerful chance of expressing yourself and your creativity. This is exactly what we aim to provide."

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About Mumutane

Mumutane is a home interior brand with an inspirational mix of Nordic aesthetics and vibrant African expression.

The company was founded in 2018 to challenge the minimalistic and tone-in-tone Scandinavian design tradition, increase functionality in everyday design objects, outline a new way of thinking in terms of materials and production processes as well as spotlight the creative African continent.

African wax print textiles contain many tales and stories of life in Africa, which gives the products a special dimension and story. Every cushion is unique. The front is made of colourful prints purchased from small, local textile shops in West Africa. The back is made of high-quality wool-blended leftover textiles from the Danish upholstery company, Kvadrat.

‘So many resources are wasted. We need to explore how to make the most out of materials because of our scarce resources and how to minimise consumption in general’, says founder, Maria Kastrup Lausten.

The name Mumutane means ‘we humans’, and the philosophy is to work across cultures and borders to create better conditions for more people and at the same time be able to deliver meaningful products for every modern, conscious home.