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Næste: Next generations’ sheds from recirculated waste

October 25, 2022

The demand for unheated storage and shelter space is increasing. So is the need for every building owner to take immediate action on the climate agenda.

Next generations’ sheds from recirculated waste

Næste offers a low-risk, high-quality, full-service circular shed solution. With a prefabricated building system of waste materials, they offer the market’s best performance in relation to lifecycle assessment and lifecycle costing.

The system has the potential to keep up to 50,000 tonnes of wood waste at the highest value rather than incinerating it. This could save up to 40,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents yearly in Denmark if all secondary buildings are built out of waste materials rather than the virgin steel solution common today.

With a strong, sensual tactility and clear inspiration from the history of the local building culture, the design reminds its users to take care of our common resources and local habitats. The sheds are used as learning spaces at schools in Copenhagen and as spaces for social activities in affordable housing areas.

With an established value chain ecosystem of industrial partners from selective demolition, prefabrication and end product installation, Næste has already proved a successful and viable circular business case for all partners and customers.

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Næste Skur is a Danish initiative that wants to change the way people consume resources, build and collaborate in the construction industry. In collaboration with RGS Nordic A/S and Enemærke & Petersen A/S and many others Næste works with a full value chain from waste to product. Their solutions support concrete behavioural changes among the users, customers, industry and communities towards deeper accountability to the world's limited resources.

The company won Realdania's “Circular Construction Challenge” in 2019, was as a finalist in the Danish Design Award 2020 and nominated for "The Sustainable Element 2019", and they’ve won the honourable mention of "Construction of the Year 2019".